10 Best Gifts for Japanese Men

10 Best Gifts for Japanese Men Love

Key cases and key chains

Key cases and key chains are fashionable sundries that anyone who carries keys around on a regular basis will be pleased to receive.
There are a wide variety of high-quality and fashionable key chains, such as luxury leather products and products from famous brands, so you can find something suitable as a birthday gift for your loved one.
Since he will be using it every time he goes out, give him a gift that is easy for him to use, paying attention to its functionality as well.

Ballpoint pen

A ballpoint pen as a birthday gift is a great way to show your support for his work or study.
Although it is a familiar item, there is a wide variety of brand-name and fashionable products that can create a special feeling.
Give him an item with a flair that will give him the impression of an “able-bodied man.


A fashionable men’s wristwatch will add a touch of class to your hand and elevate your usual coordination. Many men change their watches depending on the occasion and their outfits, so one can never have too many.
It also means “I want to monopolize your time,” so it is a good choice for those who want to give their boyfriend or husband something that shows their love on his birthday.


Wallets are popular birthday gifts for men who value practicality.
Since it is a statement of status, choose a product made of high-quality materials.

You can choose from a compact, foldable wallet that can easily fit in a pocket or small bag, or a long wallet that can hold bills without folding them.


Men with a sweet tooth will appreciate gifts from popular and trendy sweets brands. Since different people like different flavors and types of sweets, it is recommended to research their preferences in advance.
There are also a variety of products suitable for small gifts, this makes them suitable as birthday gifts for colleagues at work, male friends, and other people you do not want to bother.

Daily necessities

Daily necessities are chosen by people who want to give practical birthday gifts. Many men do not spend much money on things they use in their daily lives, so they will be pleased if you give them good quality items.
If the gift is for a man whose tastes or hobbies are unknown, such as a boss or a boyfriend you have just started dating, we recommend choosing a product that anyone can use, such as a handkerchief.


Fashion goods available in a wide variety of sophisticated and fashionable forms  are recommended when you want to give a gift with a good sense of style that will enhance the other person’s charm.
If the recipient was born in winter, choose a scarf or men’s knitwear, for example, which can be used immediately if given in time for the birthday.
However, since it is said that giving a gift of something to be worn by a woman to a man is a sign of goodwill, care should be taken not to cause misunderstanding.


A men’s bag with a sense of style is a great accent for a coordinated look.
They are available in a variety of styles, from elegant to casual, so choose a birthday gift that is appropriate for the man’s age, fashion, and occasion.
Also, if you want him to use the bag for commuting to work or school, it is important to give him a bag with good storage capacity.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages have long been enjoyed at festive occasions. They are often chosen as birthday gifts for men who have a habit of drinking in the evening.
Most of these products can be personalized on the bottle or stylishly packaged, and are popular for their appearance and special feeling.
Choose from a wide variety of sake, wine, beer, etc. to match the recipient’s tastes and preferences.

Coffee and Coffee Goods

Coffee and coffee goods are popular birthday gifts for men who drink coffee frequently.
Giving a gift of high-quality beans or items that enhance the taste of coffee will allow the recipient to enjoy an elegant moment that is a grade higher.
For example, a busy person may appreciate an item that can be easily brewed, make it an even better gift by selecting a product that suits his lifestyle.