3 Tips Diet Without Exercise And Money

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There are many people who are struggling with dieting.  I was also one of them.  I talked about it with my friend. Then my friend said, “If you don’t eat, you’ll lose weight.” It didn’t occur to me until my friend said so.  If you don’t eat anything, you will die, so you eat only what you need to survive. My friend said again, “If you have a discerning palate, you feel that food tastes bad. It means, If you eat delicious food every day, you feel that food tastes bad. I heard these things, so I was able to eat less. As a result, I succeeded in dieting.

In this article, I’ll write about how to suppress the urge to eat.

Stock only ingredients in the house

Is there anything in your house that you can easily eat? (e.g. Snack, Sweets, Instant meals, etc… ) They are convenient because you can eat them immediately when you are hungry. However, you need to eliminate them. In addition, don’t use deliveryservices. I think many people who can’t lose weight are lazy, including myself. If there is no food in the house, you choose not to eat when you feel it’s too much bother to cook. If you are really hungry, you will cook. You can also save money because you eat less. I think it works very well for the lazy person.

To be engrossed in a hobby

Do you have any hobbies that you are passionate about? I forget to eat when I’m absorbed in my hobby.  The first day I bought a game I liked, I played the game without eating anything. I think if you are immersed in your hobby, you will be able to suppress the urge to eat. If eating is your hobby, it can be difficult…

Increase sleep time

Do you usually sleep well? Studies show that lack of sleep increases appetite. According to a Stanford University study, comparing a group of people who slept five hours with a group who slept eight hours, the five-hour sleep group had a 14.9% increase in ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite, and a 15.5% decrease in leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite. In addition, A series of studies by a research group at the University of Chicago reported that even just two days of short sleep can cause changes in eating hormones. The data showed that the shorter the sleep duration, the lower the concentration of leptin, which suppresses appetite. It’s important to get enough sleep every day.