5 Good Points of Japan

5 Good Points of Japan Japan

Since I introduced the bad things about Japan last time, let me now introduce five great things about Japanese culture.

Observance of rules

Japanese people are known to be strict when it comes to observance of rules. 

This is a common thing if you are living in Japan, but other countries don’t have the same practice. Here are some examples where Japanese are very observant;

First, people are always on time. 

Although it is not commonly applied, but the above tendencies are likely to be strong in Japan.

Many Japanese people follow the rules and behave accordingly, which sometimes surprises foreigners. “I can’t believe it…”. was one common expression we often hear. That is how serious Japanese people are, and it is a good trait about Japanese culture that they can apply in accordance with these practice.

Honest people

Even if you drop something, it will be returned. Dropping something and giving it back to its owner is a wonderful trait of Japanese culture.

If you drop your wallet or smartphone in Japan, there is a big chance that it will be returned to you.

On the other hand, if you drop or forget your wallet or other items abroad, there is a nearly 0% chance that they will never be returned. Therefore, it is normal to give up after dropping something in other countries.

If you live in Japan, you might have a little chance (hope) that your wallet might be given back to you, but if you live abroad, you might not have it. But in other countries, the situation is quite different. This is why there are so many foreigners who are saying, “I was so thrilled to get my money back!”

Safe and secure place

It is a well-known fact that Japan is a safe country.

In fact, Japan is ranked 12th in the “World Security Ranking” for the year 2021. Although regrettably not in the TOP 10, it still seems to be a good country in terms of public safety.

For example, in other countries, there is a high risk of being targeted by pickpockets if you fall asleep on a train, but such incidents rarely occur in Japan. Foreigners seem to be surprised when they see Japanese people sleeping on trains.

It is also unthinkable for a woman to walk alone in the street at night in other countries. Although there are some incidents that might happened, but it is still a safe country compared to others.

People are polite

Japanese people are very polite.

They always greet each other with “Ohayo” and “Konnichiwa,” as well as “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisosama” when eating.

Many people also say “excuse me” when they bump into someone or cause trouble. In addition, Japanese people give a strong impression of being considerate to others, such as voluntarily wearing masks to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

What may seem obvious if you live in Japan, foreigners often think, “Japanese people are so polite! They are often thought to be.

This thoroughness in greetings and manners is a wonderful aspect of Japanese culture.

Public toilets are clean

Public toilets in Japan are comparatively clean.

Although the users are considerate, Japanese public restrooms are cleaned regularly. Therefore, even toilets in train stations and parks can be used with peace of mind.

On the other hand, public restrooms overseas are completely different from those in Japan. With the exception of hotels and high-end restaurants, public restrooms are rarely clean. In some cases, money is required to use public restrooms.

Because public restrooms are so different in terms of convenience, foreigners are often impressed when they come to Japan and say, “I was surprised at how clean the public restrooms are! and are often impressed by the cleanliness of the public restrooms. Japanese has many wonderful traits and beautiful sceneries that we can offer to tourist it is a place where everyone can call itself a home.