5 Signs a Japanese Man Wants to Leave You

5 Signs a Japanese Man Wants to Leave You Love

Japanese men do not say “I want to break up with you” immediately after they

begin to be aware of a breakup. It is better to expect that they will finally say “I

want to break up” six months to a year after they begin to be aware of the


Japanese men have long told us that they want to make the woman next to

them happy. This, in turn, is the psychological opposite of not wanting to hurt

the woman.

Therefore, even if they are conscious of breaking up, many Japanese men do

not say “I want to break up” straight out, but rather gradually take the

relationship and distance from or let it disappear naturally.

From a woman’s point of view, it may seem as if he suddenly changed his mind

by breaking up or disappearing spontaneously for no known reason.

However, Japanese men often give out neat “breakup signs”.

Once you are able to recognize them, you will be able to have a discussion with

him before he says “I want to break up,” which is a spontaneous disappearance

or a red card.

Let’s try to understand the breakup signs of Japanese men.

You haven’t heard from him in over two weeks

If he dotes on you, you’re the best thing that ever happened to him, and he’s

serious about marrying you, it’s unlikely that he won’t contact you for more

than two weeks without anything.

It might be possible if he was in a crazy busy period at work, or if he was going

through a major problem at work.

However, there are only a few such times in a year.

If you don’t hear from him for more than two weeks, it is highly likely that he is

signaling that he is breaking up with you.

You ask him out, but he brushes you off, and he doesn’t ask you out.

If you ask him out on a date or to meet up with him, but he hesitates and does

not ask you out, he is signaling that he is breaking up with you.

If he is in a state of doting on you, he will give you a clear reason if there was a

reason why he should not ask you out, he will tell you his next plans, and he will

ask you out. Japanese men’s true feelings are all about actions, not words.

To know their true intentions, look at their actions, not their words. Let’s

properly remember that a change in behavior means a change in true feelings.

You haven’t seen each other for several months, even though you are not in a long distance

No messages from him and minimal contact, and you haven’t seen each other in months. It’s not even long distance.

This is a big possibility that it is a sign of a breakup.

If he is doting on you, there is no way you can’t see him. He would come to see

you if he had the chance.

This is a classic example of looking at actions, not words.

If he was in this state because he loves you, there is a possibility that there will

be many more of these periods of not seeing each other after you get married.

You will need to calmly consider whether you still want to live your life with him.

When he confirms his feelings for you, he shows his reluctance

Do you feel that he has cooled off on me lately? I don’t feel you like me as much

as you used to…” You should confirm your feelings with him.

If he seems to be uncomfortable, or shows some difficulty, or says phrases like

“I don’t dislike you, but…,” you can assume that he is signaling that he is

breaking up with you.

When he confirms his feelings and does not immediately respond with words

such as, “Of course I love you,” his feelings have cooled off. Perhaps he may

not even realize it himself.

Preoccupied with other things

He is preoccupied with other things all the time, and he is not looking forward

to going on dates with you, or he seems to be putting you second or third.dotesdotes

If this is the case, he is not putting you first. It is possible that this is a sign of a

breakup. If he’s doting on you, he’s thinking of you first, and he’ll be thinking of you all

the time. If he has hobbies and preoccupations, you would still come first and choose his

actions. If he was in this state, there’s a good chance he’s showing signs of a breakup.