5 Stations with Many Molesters in Japan

Stations with Many Molesters Japan

Did you know that about 70% of all molestations in Japan occur on trains and stations? In this article, we will introduce stations and train lines in Japan that are said to have a high incidence of molestation.

Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station has a lot of young people. In fact, there is a large flow of people every day, and the number of station users is one of the highest in Tokyo, which is probably why there are too many reported cases of molestation.

In addition, since events are frequently held in Shibuya, there may be cases of drunkenness leading to molestation crimes in the station or on the train.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is also a mammoth station where many train lines converge and are crowded daily with passengers.

Furthermore, there are many tourist attractions in the area surrounding Tokyo Station, making it a hub for sightseeing. Therefore, many people from other areas also use the station, and it is most likely that the crime was committed targeting people that were unfamiliar with the specific areas.

Ikebukuro Station

Like Shibuya, Ikebukuro Station is a terminal station with many entertainment facilities and usually, people come and go. The large number of people using Ikebukuro Station is one of the reasons why there are many cases of molestation. The fact that many other people are using the station makes it easy for people to think that someone will help them if they witness molestation.
Not to mention, there are many cases of people being touched casually in stations while using coin-operated lockers. The large flow of people in the station makes it easy for molesters to take advantage of the flow of people.

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station is said to have the largest number of daily passengers in Japan. Shinjuku Station is also famous as a terminal station where many train lines converge.

One of the reasons for the increased number of molestations at Shinjuku Station is the crowded trains.

Many of the train lines that pass through Shinjuku Station are incredibly crowded, with congestion rates of 180% to 200% during peak hours. This congestion is one of the reasons why criminals think that they will not be caught even if they molest someone and that they can easily escape with the flow of people.

Komazawa University Station

As its name suggests, Komazawa University Station has many student users due to its proximity to the university. The area surrounding the station is lined with fashionable restaurant cafes and reasonably pricey eateries. Why is Komazawa University Station, given its quiet residential area, ranked the worst?

One of the main reasons is assumed to be the large number of students who use the station. It is highly expected that molestation offenders are using the lines that pass through Komazawa University Station to target younger women.

Additionally, the Denentoshi Line, which passes through Komazawa Daigaku Station, is extremely crowded, with peak hour congestion at 185%. This has created a situation where molestation offenders are more likely to molest and target women!

The train line with the highest number of molesters is the Chuo Line

Until recently, the Saikyo Line was famous for having the most molesters, but now the number of crimes has been decreasing due to measures such as security cameras that were installed on trains.

Reasons for the high number of molesters on the Chuo Line include the fact that the line runs long distances to Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama, in addition to Tokyo, and the tremendous amount of congestion.

Moreover, since the Chuo Line runs above ground, there are many cases where female victims look out of the window while the perpetrators commit the crimes.