5 Tips for Second Dates with Japanese Woman

5 Tips for Second Dates with Japanese Woman Love

After a successful first date, you need to make a good plan for the second date, which is crucial for a successful relationship. The first date is described in the following article.

Since the second date is an opportunity to get to know each other on a greater scale, it is essential to make careful preparations and have prior information to guarantee a successful second date.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce in detail for men the 5 key points for a successful second date and the signs of liking Japanese women.

Imagine the ideal second date in order to win your intended partner’s heart.

Why is the second date so extremely important?

It is natural to want to attract the other person and make a good impression on the first date. As a result, they dress up and express themselves more than usual, making it difficult for others to understand their normal appearance.

When the tension is lower on the second date than it was on the first, it is easier to reveal your personality at a moment’s notice, and the true nature of the other person, which was not apparent on the first date, will become noticeable.

While having someone like you on the inside is a great way to get closer to a relationship, you should be aware that on the second date they may think, “Maybe I don’t have the right personality for this person…” or “Our values don’t match at all.”

Many people decide whether or not they will have a future relationship with someone on the second date, so it is critical to keep the following points in mind for a successful date.

Points for a Successful Second Date

The second date is often referred to as the “game,” and failure should be avoided because it is a time for both parties to become aware of the relationship and to check out the other person.

In this section, we will go over how to plan, prepare, and behave for a successful second date.

The second date should preferably take place within two weeks

When you’re having a good time on your first date, you might wonder how long you should wait for the next one.

When feelings from the first date are still intense, a second date within one to two weeks is ideal. The invitation for the next date should be sent on the same day or within a week of the first date.

If you are overly cautious about the second date and leave a gap between the first and second dates, you may give the impression that the person does not like you or is seeing someone else.

A smart way to ask for a second date

To arrange a second date naturally, it is recommended to make good use of the information that you obtained on the first date.

For example, if you know the other person’s hobbies and interests, you can say, “There is an event next week, would you like to go with me?”. You can ask the other person to go with you to an event next week.

In this case, instead of asking the other person, “Where do you want to go?”. You can also show that you remember the conversation you had on the first date by making the suggestion yourself. This will make the Japanese woman think that you are going out with them in a smart and gentlemanly way and that you are good at taking the lead.

If you know what foods she likes, look for good restaurants in advance and make reservations.

Ideal Date Location

On the second date, you are still in the stage of “getting to know the other person. We recommend a place that is not too active, instead, it should be where you can have fun and enjoy conversation in a good mood. The standard date plan is to combine a meal.

  • -Aquarium + meal
  • -Movie theater + meal
  • -Event + meal
  • -Amusement Park + meal

Since first dates tend to be short (e.g., just a meal), the second date should be a little longer to get to know each other more deeply.

A standard, yet effective plan would be to have dinner after watching a movie while reflecting on the story of the film you both watched or to have dinner at a moody restaurant after relaxing and having fun at an aquarium or zoo.

Preparations to make before the date

Even after a date has been arranged, it is important to keep in touch through social media by LINE or phone until the day of the date to gradually close the gap between you and the person you are interested in.

Even on the second date, a date with a Japanese woman you are interested in can be nerve-wracking. Therefore, it is recommended that you research the other person’s hobbies and interests in advance and stock up on topics for future conversations so that the conversation does not come to a halt and the atmosphere does not become boring.

It is also a good idea to prepare for the date by having your hair styled and choosing clothes that give off an image of cleanliness and style.

Behavior on the date

Many people want to get to know the other person’s inner self and compatibility on the second date, but be sure to catch up on conversation without showing off too much of yourself.

Talk about common hobbies and natural daily conversation that comes up during the date, and if you have to move around, escort your date well so that he or she doesn’t get lost. If you are drinking alcohol, make sure you put a firm stop to it and drink moderately so that you don’t drink too much and make a mistake. 

The second date is a time when you are being checked to see if it is safe to go out with this person. You are being checked. Be careful in every action so that the other party will not be disappointed by your “poor conversation,” “bad arrangement,” bad drinking habits…” etc.

What are the signs of liking Japanese women seen on the second date?

The second date is an important opportunity for a future relationship, so don’t miss out on the signs that a Japanese woman likes you.

The following behaviors are signs that a Japanese woman likes you.

  • -Face turns red during a conversation
  • -Raising her voice one tone higher
  • -She applies her make-up more often.
  • -Making frequent eye contact.
  • -Body touching and other skin ship gestures.
  • -They are always close to you.
  • -Body direction is always toward you.
  • -They put a lot of effort into their fashion and makeup.

If you see these behaviors more than once, you should aim to return the favor by leaning in close to the other person to let them know you like them, and when you are in a good mood, you want to return the favor by holding hands or walking closer together. Let the other person that you are also interestingly attracted to them.

Remember that the promise of a third date is also a sign that you like each other.