8 Signs Japanese man Likes You Through Texting

8 Signs Japanese man Likes You Through Texting Love

It is nice when you get a message from someone that you like. Did you know that you can actually tell if someone has a pulse just by looking at your mobile phones and receiving some SNS or messages? Although the accuracy rate cannot be said to be 100%, there are a number of patterns that indicate that Japanese men tend to behave in this way towards girls they are interested in.

8 Signs Japanese man Likes You Through Texting

They say, “It’s fun to talk to you, I’m happy to talk to you”

When they want to tell you that they like you, but are not ready to confess it, some Japanese men will say things like, “It’s fun talking to you” or “I’m glad to be communicating with you” in a roundabout way to show their affection.

If he says this to you, tell him that it’s fun for you too and that you’re glad. He will probably be extremely pleased and the distance between the two of you will shrink dramatically.

Asking questions

This should go without saying. Because you want to continue the conversation and get to know that the other person is good, you should include at least one question in your message.

If the person asks a question and the conversation continues for a while, you may be able to say that they are at least somewhat interested in you at that point.

Try to get the conversation going

You want to entertain the person you are interested in, and want them to think you are an interesting person. With this in mind, you actively try to liven up the conversation.

They may tell you about a funny incident that happened recently or a funny mistake they made, or send surreal stamps. They try to liven up the conversation in every possible way.

They imitate emojis, stamps and the taste of the text

They imitate the other person, for example by using stamps and emojis or not using them at all. This is a technique to make people feel closer to you, and many people do this without being aware of it.

To give a simple example, you feel more familiar with someone who sends you the same stamps as you, rather than someone who sends you stamps that are not your taste at all.

When something happens, they send messages of concern

When you are interested in someone, you tend to follow them with your eyes, don’t you? It’s the same thing with men. And if the person you like has a gloomy face or is downcast, they send you a text message saying, “You don’t look well, is something wrong?”

“I want to call you again”

If you want to get to know her better, hear her voice, or call her to get a head start on the other guys who may be approaching her, send her a message saying, “I’d love to call you next time I’m free!” and then send them a message.

Men with a confident voice may also offer to call you thinking, “If I let her hear my hot voice, she’ll like me even more, won’t she?”

If you are late in responding, follow up with a phone call or texting

When you like someone, you want to be a faithful man. So, if you think you are going to be late in replying her messages, you can say in advance, “I’m a bit busy at work today, I am so sorry if my reply is a little bit late! If you are late, you can say, “Sorry I’m late! 

Sometimes, you may be unsure about something

Some people are so nervous about talking to someone they like that they say things they don’t understand. For example, they talk for a long time about something that isn’t very interesting, change the subject abruptly, or their point of view is off.

Clumsy but ‘nice!’ I want people to think I’m nice. They try their best with that single-mindset, but it doesn’t work out the way they want it to, and they end up spinning out of control. There are also men who are such a brave person.

Signs of misunderstanding

Signs of misunderstanding

Fast reply does not mean he likes you

Just because he replies quickly does not mean he likes you. In fact, it means that he is happy to be able to talk to someone he likes! I want to talk more!” There may be people who reply very quickly because they want to talk more with the person they like.

However, on the other hand, there are people who say that it takes them a long time to reply when they are talking to someone they like. The reasons and feelings behind the slow replies are as follows.

‘Oh, I got a reply from that girl I like. You press and hold to check the content of the message without reading it and then go to …… I see, that’s what it’s about. I have to say something interesting. I have to think of a question. What should I do? ……”

In this way, because the person you like is the other person, you try harder and it takes longer to reply. Some people can reply to the person they like immediately, while others can’t, so be careful not to rely too much on the speed of the reply.

Stamps with heart marks on them

It is not always the case that a stamp with a heart symbol = like. In some cases, it may be “just because I like that stamp” or “I replied with a random stamp because it’s too much trouble to type a text.”

Talking about problems

If you can confide in someone about your problems, you must have a close relationship with them. However, this does not mean that they are in love with you. There is also the possibility that they are just friends.

Also, as a matter of course, if you are asked for an advice and told not to tell anyone, you should never tell anyone as you said. Breaking a promise can ruin someone’s trust and the relationships you had with that person.