Annual Income of English Conversation Teachers in Japan

Annual Income of English Conversation Teachers in Japan Jobs

English Conversation Teachers’ Annual Salary

English conversation classes for adults and children

English conversation classes for adults and children are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of English conversation instructors. There are classes for adults that can be taken on weekday evenings or weekends and classes for children during the daytime. In both cases, you would have one-on-one and group instruction classes.

The average salary for English conversation instructors working in these environments is about 250,000-300,000 yen for full-time work. For part-time, the average is about 3,000 yen per class. Naturally, the market rate will be lower with online English conversation classes due to the lack of commuting and other hassles.

In addition to classroom activities, duties also include grading tests and preparing for classes, and these tasks are generally not treated as overtime work.

Part-time schoolteachers

English becomes a subject in the 5th, and 6th grades and foreign language activities begin in the 3rd and 4th grades. Since the 2020 school year, an increasing number of teachers have been working as part-time or adjunct instructors at schools and tutoring schools. Although it is difficult to make a general statement because of differences in the environment, such as the number of class hours and the number of students, the salary rates for instructors are generally as follows;

* Part-time at public schools: around 2,500 yen per class

* Part-time at private schools: around 3,000 yen per class

* Full-time at gakushu-juku: 200,000-220,000 yen per month (first year)

* Part-time job at a cram school: around 1,500 yen per session

However, it may not be easy to compare the two, as the teaching content and level differences between elementary school and junior/high school, and the class time per class is also different between schools and gakushu-juku. In addition, the instructor’s duties may include teaching and planning class content, grading tests, and creating supplementary materials. Given this, the hourly wage is not high.


The assessment of bonuses depends on the instructor’s popularity and the degree to which students rate them. It also depends on how many classes are taught by the instructor. The higher the bonus, the higher the annual salary, so the amount of the bonus is essential for English conversation tutors.

Some English conversation schools do not have a bonus system, so please check beforehand.


In most cases, English conversation instructors receive benefits that include social security and travel expenses. Some foreign teachers may receive a housing allowance, depending on the employer. This is nice because transportation allowances are rarely provided in Western societies.

Salary increase

Salary increases are generally given once or twice a year. As with bonuses, the rate of pay increase is determined by the instructor’s popularity, high evaluation from students, and the number of classes they have overseen.