Attack on Titan Manga Volume 34 Extra Pages Explained

Attack on Titan Manga Volume 34 Extra Pages Explained Anime

The final episode of the book Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Volume 34 containing 139 episodes was released on June 9, 2021. This volume marks the final episode of the new edition of Shingeki no Kyojin. This has an additional last page that is different from the monthly one, and it depicts the new last of Shingeki no Kyojin. So this article will discuss the additional pages. We will be discussing what happens to Mikasa and what happens to Paradis Island.

The man by Mikasa’s side

The man by Mikasa's side

The man by Mikasa’s side On the first page after the addition, there is a back figure that appears to be Mikasa as an adult. We can’t see her face, but she has a red scarf around her neck. Then there is a male figure with his hand on the shoulder of the adult Mikasa. Judging from the distance between them, perhaps he is Mikasa’s husband? Incidentally, we don’t know for sure who this man is since he is only depicted from behind, but we think it is probably, Jean. However, there seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether Mikasa was married or not. This is because Mikasa could not give up her feelings for Eren. For example, the red scarf. The fact that the red scarf was wrapped around her when she was buried could be considered as an expression of her feelings for Eren. The flowers on Eren’s gravestone were also very meaningful. I assume it was carnation, given the shape of the flower that was placed on his grave.

The four carnations mean “I will love you forever” in the language of flowers. One carnation means, “You are the man of my dreams.” It may be a metaphor for her feelings for Eren. In addition, there are white carnations and lilies around Mikasa’s coffin, which could symbolize pure love and innocence. 

 Modernization and Resurgence of Conflict


In the world after “the rumbling” was stopped, we can see that the relationship between Marley and the rest of the world and Paradis Island was not a bad one. Skyscrapers have been constructed, and we can see that the world is approaching modernity. However, after Mikasa’s death, the country of Eldia was once again at war, and although Eren’s desire to protect his friends was barely accomplished, the world had regained its “cruelty. History repeats itself.

The civilization of Paradis Island collapses, although it is unclear whether it is a conflict between the same people or between Paradis Island and the world. After that, Paradis Island does not return to civilization but is depicted as a devastated land where the wreckage of modern civilization remains, overgrown with plants and trees.

A Giant Tree and a Boy

Depicted on the last page is a boy stepping in front of a giant tree. Incidentally, this giant tree is where the corpse of Eren is buried. Its appearance looks the same as the cut when the founder Ymir made a contract with the “Devil of the Earth” in episode 122. A boy looks up at the giant tree. Will, he becomes the next Ymir founder? With this possibility in mind, the story comes to its conclusion.


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