Attack on Titan: Remaining Mysteries

Attack on Titan: Remaining Mysteries Anime

The outstanding thing about “Attack on Titan” is that in the course of its elaborate narrative, foreshadowing and mysteries unraveled one after another and the whole picture came into its view. While many mysteries were decipher as the story concluded, some secrecy remained. Therefore, even after reading the final story of Attack on Titan, I would like to share my thoughts about the enigma that still wondered me What was this story all about?

The Meaning of the Year 

In the final part of “Attack on Titan,” the foreshadowing in its first episode brilliantly recovered over the past 10 years. For example, the title of the first episode “To You 2,000 Years Later”, was unintelligible until the middle of the story, but what it meant was finally revealed in the final episode. However, one of the mysteries of the first story — the meaning of the year, was still unclear even after reading the final story. The story of “Attack on Titan” begins in the year 845 in the calendar of the work, but what does this number really represent? 

What was the bases of the “calendar”? Usually, a calendar is established based on a certain year related to a religion or a nation. It could be the christian western calendar or the Islamic Hijri calendar. 

What is the calendar in Attack on Titan based in? 

The first problem is that it is unclear whether this calendar is only for inside the walls or whether it is common for outside the walls as well. If this calendar is only for nside the walls, it was thought that King Fritz artificially manipulated his memory to create the year. However, it is still unresolve why he chose this number. Perhaps this is because the royal family has existed for over 2,000 years and no one would think that the year would be normal based on the year in which the royal family was establish. 

If it is common with outside the walls, it is reasonable to assume that there is some kind of religion in the world of “Attack on Titan” (but it is not described in the work). However, as far as inside the walls is concerned, the religion of wall religion is described and there is little indication that any other religion is likely to be found behind the walls. Given this thought, this possibility is subtle. Another possibility would be that it is based on the year of the revival of Mare but since there is not much validity in adopting this within the walls, it seems like only a thin line. 

The significance of the number “845 years.” 

How could the year be meaningless in work with so few nonsensical elements as Attack on Titan? Then, the year 845 in Attack on Titan may have a meta-meaning which I think so. In Attack on Titan, the number 13 has an important meaning, and the number 845 is also 5 x 13 x 13. The year 845 may have been calculated from the number 13, but we do not know the details. 

What was the reason for Eren’s attack on Mikasa? 

What was the reason for Eren's attack on Mikasa?

There is a scene in volume 3 where Eren attempts to carry a rock after transforming into a Titan but unable to control the Titan’s power and attempts to attack Mikasa. This could interpreted as simply not being able to control the Titan’s power but also there seems to be a reason why he attacked Mikasa out of all people. Why did Eren attack Mikasa in the first place? I think it is because of Mikasa’s actions in the last phase of the story. As those who had already read the ending knew that Eren could live much longer without Mikasa, and to put it in the extreme. This maybe explain why the unconscious Eren attacked Mikasa, his potential future enemy.