Characteristics of Japanese who have a shotgun marriage

Characteristics of Japanese who have a shotgun marriage Love

A marriage finalized after pregnancy is generally referred to as a “shotgun marriage. Thinking about your future married life, you may be wondering how people around you perceive shotgun marriage, and what reasons those who have shotgun marriages gave for their marriages.

In this issue, we will explain about “shotgun marriage,” the characteristics of Japanese men and women who have shotgun marriages, and how to have a happy married life with a shotgun marriage.

Shotgun Marriage in Japan

The number of shotgun marriages is on the decline.

In Japan, there was a time when pregnancy and premarital sex were not allowed before marriage, but society has changed drastically and the ways of starting a family are becoming more diverse. The number of “shotgun marriages” peaked in 2002 and is declining.

According to national statistics, the percentage of first-child shotgun marriages (the percentage of births in which the duration of marriage is shorter than the duration of pregnancy in the number of legitimate first childbirths) in 2002 was 27.9%, but in 2019 it was 18.4%, a decrease of 10%. This means that about 1/5 of all first-child replacements are shotgun marriage births.

Why do shotgun marriages occur?

Why do shotgun marriages occur? The following are some of the reasons given by those who have shotgun married.

  • Did not use contraception because they planned to get married eventually
  • Did not use contraception because they thought they would not be able to have children
  • Failed to use contraception
  • They were unaware of sexual intercourse

For couples who have been together for a long time, the timing of marriage may be missed. In cases where both parties are aware that they are going to get married, but have not proposed and have had difficulty in finalizing the marriage, some couples decide to get married because “pregnancy is a good opportunity”.

The reason for shotgun marriage is that the couple originally intended to get married and “did not actively use contraception.

In other cases, the couple did not use contraception because they had been told by their doctor that they would not be able to have children. This is a case of unexpectedly having a child, but it is not a problem if the couple is in a good relationship.

There is also the case of “failure to use contraception. Even if you use contraception, the guarantee that you will not get pregnant is not 100% assured. There are also cases in which the younger generation, especially teenagers, are not aware of contraception and practice the wrong contraceptive knowledge. In these cases, some couples have children and decide to get married.

Thus, some are aware that they could have had a child, while others have had a child unexpectedly.

Characteristics of Japanese men and women who have shotgun marriages

Are there any commonalities or characteristics among Japanese men and women who have shotgun marriages? Although no actual statistics have been collected, the image in Japan can be characterized as follows

  • Young age
  • Lack of planning
  • Above a certain age, schemers

There seems to be an impression that people who shotgun marry are “young in age”. In fact, according to the Japanese statistics mentioned above, 80% of first births in the 15-19 age group and 60% of first births in the 25-29 age group in 2028 were shotgun marriages. The image of shotgun marriages as being young seems to be true.

There also seems to be an image of unplanned marriages for both men and women. The result of having children by accident seems to give the impression that they are the type of people who usually don’t think too deeply about things and just go with the flow.

In the case of women in their 30s or older who have had shotgun marriages or who wanted children, some point out that they are “schemers. It seems that this is because some couples, such as those who have been together for a long time, have married with children to seize the opportunity, but shotgun marriages are sometimes used in a planned manner as they age.

These are the characteristics of Japanese men and women who shotgun marry. There seems to be no particular difference between men and women except for the fact that they are “schemers.

Why shotgun marriages often result in divorce

In the case of shotgun marriages, the pregnancy and marriage are unexpected, except in cases where the couple had thought that they could get married before having children. In this case, the marriage is not necessarily the one that each couple wanted, and unfortunately, some couples end up divorcing.

In the “true feelings of shotgun marriage” mentioned earlier, a bad true feeling was that the couple did not have enough time for their lover. If this feeling is strong, it can lead to a desire to “play outside more,” which can be a cause of cheating. Especially in the case of young couples, there are cases where the man’s side stops coming home because he is mentally immature.

Also, if you have a child while you are still in a short relationship with your partner, you will get married before you know what kind of person your partner is like. This can lead to unexpected problems such as, “He is not the person I expected,” “We have nothing in common except our children,” or “He is not cooperative in raising our children.

Although we do not know the actual divorce rate for shotgun married couples, it is said that the number of divorces is also higher for couples who got married young. Therefore, young couples who have shotgun marriages with a short dating period may be at risk of divorce.

How to have a happy marriage in a shotgun marriage

Even though there is a general perception that “shotgun marriages often result in divorce,” this does not necessarily mean that this is the case. To create a happy marriage, keep the following in mind.

  • Have a wedding, even if it is small.
  • Make time for the couple.

Many couples do not have a wedding in a shotgun marriage, but they should have a proper ceremony, even if it is after the birth of the child. This is because a wedding ceremony lets the couple realize they are responsible for their married life and child-rearing. If it is difficult, we recommend just taking wedding photos. It will be a good way to commemorate your marriage.

Also, sometimes it is a good idea to leave your children at home and make time for just you and your spouse. By setting aside time for lovers, you can get to know each other better and build a good marital relationship. It is also a great way to refresh your child-rearing skills.