Difference between idols and singers

Difference between idols and singers Japan


The word “idol” is synonymous with “icon”. 

It means “one who is the object of admiration or worship”. It is like a god or a hero who is being devotedly worshipped.

For instance, a person may have a strong longing for a certain person.

If that person is called “A,” one can say, for example, “My idol is Mr. A”.

Simply put, “idol” means “the desired”. It means “a person who has enthusiastic fans”, and it is in this sense that the word “idol” is generally used.

A singer who has many fans and is admired is called an “idol singer.

Other sentences can be made such as “An idol is not only a singer but also a complete performer of plays and variety.”.


The word “singer” means “a person whose occupation is to sing”. 

There are various genres of music, such as rock, pop, and chanson. Hence, a person who specializes in one of them may be called a “rock singer,” “chanson singer,” or some other genre.

When a child excels in singing, he or she is expected to sing for a living in the future–in other words, to become a “singer”. Likewise, when a person is undergoing voice training so to improve his or her singing skills, it can be said that he/she is “training to be a singer”.

Other sentences can be made such as “I want to become a popular singer” or “My favorite singer is A”.

Difference between idols and singers

The difference between an “idol” and a “singer” is explainable in simple terms.

Idol” means “a person who is an object of admiration–a person who has a passionate fan base”.

On the other hand, “singer” means “a person whose profession is singing”.

The two terms are often confused because there are “idol singers,” who have enthusiastic fans and make a profession of singing.

However, the main difference between the two is that it doesn’t follow that when you’re a singer, you will consequently have a fan base at the instance of starting your career, or that you are generally admired–namely, an idol. On the other hand, an idol can be a singer, a writer, an actor, and among other things as well. 

When an idol’s passionate fans leave and he/she then concentrates on singing, he/she is said to have “graduated from being an idol and became a real singer”.