Differences between the original and remake versions of One Punch Man

Differences between the original and remake versions of One Punch Man Anime

The term “original work” is often seen when researching about “One Punch Man”. In fact, there are two versions of One Punch Man: the original version by ONE, who draw “Mob Psycho 100” and others, and the remake version by Yusuke Murata, who draw “Eyeshield 21” and other popular manga.

In this article, we have summarized the differences between these two versions and the anime adaptation of “One Punch Man”.

What is One Punch Man?

One Punch Man was animated in October 2015. This anime is the story of the main character “Saitama” who is so strong that he literally defeats any strong enemy with a single punch. The original manga is the remake of “One Punch Man” drawn by Yusuke Murata, and the original story that formed the basis of the remake is “One Punch Man” by ONE.

“One Punch Man (the original version)”, began appearing on the fc2 author’s website on July 3, 2009, and is still ongoing. However, since the original version has not been updated since July 2021, the updates of the remake have been catching up with the original version, and there has been much talk about what the future storyline of the remake will be.

One Punch Man as depicted by ONE Sensei

One Punch Man (original version) has been available on the fc2 author’s website since September 2009 and can still be read for free. One Punch Man (original version), which perfectly matches the lethargic atmosphere of the main character, Saitama, and the unique drawing style of ONE-sensei, has long been a strong favorite.

Basically, in this work, Saitama defeats any enemy with a single blow, so his battle scenes are very short, and he is the last one. However, because of this, there are many battle scenes of the supporting characters and enemies which also makes them very popular.

One-Punch Man by Yusuke Murata

One-Punch Man (remake) by Yusuke Murata has been published in Young Jump since June 2012 and is still being serialized. Although there are no major differences in the storyline, the One-Punch Man drawn by Murata-sensei has more original characters and more detailed facial expressions and scenery, and I personally feel that it is more voluminous than the original manga drawn by ONE-sensei.

However, in the Kaijin Kyokai version, the enemy’s last boss is different from the original, and the infiltration operation conducted by a small group of elite in the original story has been changed to a large-scale sweep operation.

The anime adaptation of One Punch Man

The anime adaptation of One Punch Man began its first season in October 2015 and its second season in April 2019. This anime is based on Murata-sensei’s One Punch Man (remake version), so it has very powerful battle scenes, etc.

In terms of the story, there are no major differences from the remake version, and the anime ends just before the large-scale operation in the Kaijin Kyokai Arc is set. However, the Kaijin Kyokai Arc is quite a long story to run, so even if there is a third anime season, the said arc will not be finished sooner with this.