How to become a Ninja

How to become a Ninja Anime

If you have ever watched the TV anime “Naruto,” you have probably thought that you would like to become a ninja. As a matter of fact, there were many ninjas in Japan a hundred years ago. Through this article, I will explain how to become a modern-day ninja. However, you won’t be able to use shadow-altering techniques or sexy techniques like Naruto, but you can still be a ninja, so don’t be discouraged.

What is a Ninja?

What is a Ninja?

Basically, a ninja is someone who infiltrates enemy territory and brings back necessary information. However, just because you happen to fulfill that role does not make you a ninja. Professionals who have mastered their unique skills within a family or clan that has made it their “profession” are called ninja. They had to be skilled in the art of stealthy reconnaissance, including disguise and psychology, as well as in the techniques known as ninjutsu, spell craft, pharmacy, and astronomy. By starting training at a young age, or even when they were young, and practicing every day, they would be able to fulfill their duties as a full-fledged ninja.

However, the modern ninja does not do such a thing. Their main job is to perform hard work like attraction actors or to perform in tourist spots. Therefore, the abilities required will change from the past.

Necessary abilities to become a ninja

Necessary abilities to become a ninja:


The movements of a ninja are different from those of an ordinary person. In addition to eyesight, you need to train your kinetic vision to watch a target in the distance or blind an opponent with quick movements.

The better your eyesight, the easier it will be to see your opponent avoid their attacks and increase your survival chances.

A ninja accumulates training to be able to see well at night in addition to strengthening normal eyesight. It is said that they also tried to improve their vision through their diet.


Without the ability to grasp calmly the situation they are in and the field’s movements and respond flexibly, ninjas would not be able to carry out their work. They would be putting their own lives at risk. The ability to demonstrate insight is related to a wealth of knowledge and information and training the body.

A ninja needs to improve their insight, such as accurately grasping a situation, recognizing signs of change, and preparing several different methods according to the case.


The information that a ninja brings back is not always tangible. It is necessary to memorize what and who said, such as what was eavesdropped on or heard around them. Some of the stories may have been complicated and involved many people, so a great deal of memory would have been required.

Besides, it is also essential to memorize codes, which is a crucial subject for ninjas.

Lung Vitality

Many ninjutsu requires lung capacity. A large amount of oxygen taken in with one breath can help the ninja recover their physical strength and reduce fatigue during complex movements.

It is said that a person’s lung capacity is determined by the strength of their diaphragm. By expanding the diaphragm, the lungs will have more space to store air. Ninjas need to strengthen the diaphragm. The breathing exercises are said to be more effective than regular muscle training.

Leg strength

Leg strength is necessary when running away from a chase or when hiding quickly. Not only do they need muscle strength to run fast, but they also need to train their senses to be able to walk in a way that completely muffles the sound of their own footsteps. The ability to leap high is also necessary for ninjas. 

Ninja walking ability

The ninja has a unique way of walking, which is the most essential characteristic of the ninja. It is a way of walking that is well known to the general public, and it is a way of walking that does not make a lot of noise. It was significant for the ninja, who had to work as spies, to learn how to walk so that others could not sense their presence.

There is also a way of walking called “nympho,” which is more efficient than walking normally and can go long distances. These gait methods were also acquired through daily training.

How to Become a Modern Ninja

There are several ways to become a ninja as a job, so you can choose the method that suits you best.

Go to a ninja training school

a ninja training school

At a ninja school (a school for training ninjas), you will spend one to two years training to become a full-fledged ninja. 

To become a professional ninja, you will receive physical exercise and thoroughly learn about ninja knowledge, history, ninjutsu, and ninja methods.

Taking the Ninja Certification Test

2. Taking the Ninja Certification Test

The Iga and Koga schools, two of Japan’s most famous ninja schools, hold ninja examinations. The examinations are held once a year in the middle of June. You can choose to take the written or practical examinations according to your level, such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

The passing rate for the beginner level seems to be high. Still, for the intermediate level and above, the story of the written test appears to increase, and many people seem to have a hard time. Initially, it was one of the local examinations conducted by the public relations department to promote the Kouga and Iga areas. Still, it has become so popular that many people from all over Japan now take the ninja exam.

Apply directly to companies and organizations

3. Apply directly to companies and organizations

In areas known for their ninja culture, various companies and organizations are recruiting ninjas. Most of the jobs involve giving performances, but some of the places you apply to have a full-scale training program for several months, which can be pretty realistic.

You will often go through a first screening (document review) and a second screening (audition) to be accepted or rejected. Experienced people are more appreciated, but the ninja is quite urgent nowadays, so beginners are welcome.

The main job nowadays is to entertain guests, so you will not be put in front of people without any training or guidance. There is no need to worry as they will provide you with proper training and education.

Job description of the modern ninja

Job description of the modern ninja

The job of the modern ninja is to dress up as ninjas and perform ninja shows and events for tourists at theme parks and tourist attractions.

At first glance, ninja work looks glamorous. Due to a shortage of manpower and cost-cutting measures, ninjas also do behind-the-scenes work such as guiding visitors to the theater and operating sound, lighting, and pad sound effects.

In other words, when the ninja show on stage is over, they go back to their backstage work, such as sound, lighting, and pad sound effects, and another ninja takes the stage.

According to the testimony of a ninja who once appeared on “Wakamashi TV,” distributing leaflets at inns early in the morning and teaching children at ninja schools are also part of the ninja’s work.

Average annual income

Average annual income

The average annual salary of a ninja is 2.8 million yen (25470 USD). You may think that this is not a dream come true when you hear this.

However, as far as I know, I have never heard of anyone whose profession is a ninja and an influencer. If you are a ninja and become an influencer, your income will increase significantly.

In the past, it was a profession that did not appear on the front stage, but nowadays, ninjas need to be famous to increase their income.

That being said, it’s hard to tell if they are real ninjas…