How to Become a Popular Woman Among Japanese Men

How to become a popular woman among Japanese men Love

To get the attention of men, it’s necessary to be conscious of your appearance, such as makeup and fashion. However, there are easier ways than those! To be known by Japanese men, it is important to have a high sense of beauty. Nevertheless, what’s most important is the way you change what’s inside of you and how you act!

In this article, we will teach you “how to become a woman whom Japanese men will fall in love with.

Compliment men with a smile

Just by smiling and complimenting men, you can become a popular woman who can sweep their feet off ! Men tend to like women who accept them for who they are. This is because they are proud!

When they are with a woman who acknowledges and compliments them, they are naturally motivated and they will want to be with her all the time. When complimenting a man, try complimenting his actions and substance, not just his looks!

Make sure to use proper phrases

What kind of responses do you usually use when talking to men? If you are giving a “yes” or “I see” kind of response, be careful!

This kind of aizuchi can be used by anyone, and it will make you less popular with men. When you are making aizuchi, it is important to ask a question!

For example, if he says, “I’m good at sports,” ask, “What kind of sports are you good at?” you can reply with a question! By replying with a question, the other person will feel that you are interested in them, and that will make them feel better about themselves!

Be aware of your body language : gestures and facial expressions

Popular women are conscious of the things they do to make men think they are cute! 

For example, this means gestures such as cheekbones and touching the lips. By gesturing near your face, you give the impression of a natural, bruised, pretty woman!

Also, gestures such as touching the lips are not only cute but also sexy, which may make a man fall in love with you. Get closer to his face and he’d surely make him sweep off of his feet!

Smell pleasant and fragrant

Most popular girls who are considered cute by men smell good! What if it were you, would you like to get closer to someone who smells like he didn’t take a bath in forever?

If a man smells nice, even if you don’t think of him as a man, you may be conscious of him as a man, or you may be interested in him as a man.

Men are the same way, they are interested in women when they smell good, especially when they smell shampoo or fabric softener, because they can show off their femininity through smell!