How to become a VTuber

How to become a VTuber Anime

VTubers use avatars to deliver videos and entertain their viewers. It is a job that has become popular because of Japan’s culture of anime. In this article, I will explain about VTubers.

What is a VTuber?

VTuber is an abbreviation for “Virtual Youtuber. In other words, unlike YouTubers, who appear directly as themselves, VTubers are 3D characters created using motion capture technology.

In Japan, beautiful girl VTubers such as Kizuna Ai and Gawr Gura are particularly popular, and Kizuna Ai’s YouTube channel has about 3 million registered users, showing a great deal of excitement in the market.

Just as animation has developed in response to live-action movies, it is expected that the shift to video content will continue with the development of 5G and other technologies, and the VTuber industry is expected to see further growth in the future.

How to become a VTuber

How to become a VTuber

In order to become a VTuber, you will need to choose whether to start with a smartphone or a PC, as well as the equipment you will need. Find a way that suits your environment.

It may seem difficult at first, but if you get used to it and have the right environment, including apps, software, necessary equipment, you can start Live2D and smartphone streaming right away.

There are two main types of VTuber activities: 2D and 3D.


2D VTuber

The main type of activity is using software and applications such as Live2D and FaceRig. Applications and services that can move 2D avatars include the following.


  • All you need is a PC plus a “webcam” and a “microphone” to get started.
  • You can prepare and use beautiful illustrations (characters), so the drawing is stable.
  • If you can prepare an avatar in advance, you don’t need much detailed knowledge.


  • The range of motion is limited compared to 3D (mainly bust shots)
  • Cannot move only with illustrations (need to prepare illustrations for live2D)


3D VTuber

Currently, software that allows individuals to create 3D avatars for VTubers is becoming popular. The following are some of the applications and services that allow you to create 3D avatars.


  • The range of motion is larger than of 2D.
  • There are dedicated platforms for 3D avatars, so it is easy to interact with them. (VR, VRoid Hub, etc.)
  • There are many software and applications for character creation.


  • More equipment is required compared to 2D.
  • It is difficult to create originality when using software and applications that allow character creation.
  • In some cases, specialized knowledge is required.


Equipment for becoming a VTuber

To start vtubing, first, choose whether you want to start with a smartphone or a PC.

Features of a smartphone

You can start vtubing with a single smartphone without a PC, making it the lowest hurdle. You can start vtubing right away.

Features of PC

The easiest way to start vtubing on a PC is to use a webcam, which requires a PC, a webcam, and a microphone. If you use a webcam, you will need software such as FaceRig to move 3D or 2D characters through the webcam.


VTuber income

Most of the VTubers who belong to companies or who work as individuals do not disclose their income. Therefore, it is not possible to know their exact income, but it is possible to estimate their income from the number of video views.

Nowadays, VTubers are also increasing the number of subscribers to their channels, and some of them are earning more than 100 million yen a year just by posting videos.

Sources of income include the following:

  • YouTube advertising revenue
  • YouTube super chats
  • Merchandise sales
  • Uploading advertising videos

Basically, your income will come from YouTube ad revenue and super chats. Also, as the number of subscribers to your channel increases, you may get a job to upload videos, promoting your products and services, and if you become popular, you can earn money from selling character goods.