How to Buy Clothes Cheaply in Japan

How to Buy Clothes Cheaply in Japan Money

Sample Sale

Samples are prototypes that are inevitably needed at the stage of making clothes. Since they have passed quality standards, they are not different from regular clothes for everyday wear.

Although samples are necessary for production, they cannot be sold at the same price as produced clothes.

Since there is limited space to store them at the head office, they are sometimes put on sale in bulk at very low prices.

Sometimes they are put on the wagons in the stores, and sometimes they are held at the same time as other sales.

You are lucky if you come across a sample sale.

You may be able to find treasures of your favorite brands, such as colors and prints that were not used in the main production, and most brands hold sales irregularly.


3COINS is a place where you can buy items for only 300 yen.

It is operated by PAL Corporation, which has many apparel brands such as OLIVE des OLIVE, NICE CLAUP, and Whim Gazette.

Although the apparel handled is mainly innerwear items and legwear, you can be assured of the quality since the parent company is an apparel company.

We also recommend changing your mood with seasonal trendy fashion goods.

Official online store:

3COINS(スリーコインズ)公式通販サイト | PAL CLOSET(パルクローゼット) - パルグループ公式ファッション通販サイト
3COINS(スリーコインズ)公式通販サイト。PAL CLOSET(パルクローゼット)は、株式会社パルが運営する直営オンラインショッピングサイト。5000円以上送料無料/最短翌日発送/ポイントは店舗と共通でご利用いただけます。



Takahashi is a recommended store where you can buy clothes at about half the price of Shimamura, a famous and inexpensive clothing store, although it is only available in the Kanto area. This is a GW flyer, but you can see how inexpensive it is.

The lineup includes women’s, men’s, kids’, bedding, lunch boxes, shampoo, slippers, and other daily necessities.

Flea Market

Harajuku Yoyogi Park Flea Market

The Harajuku Flea Market is synonymous with fashionable flea markets with about 300 stalls.

Fashionable college students and model-like people also have stalls, so you get the impression that there are more fashionable clothes than you would buy at rock-bottom prices.

Oi Racecourse Flea Market

This is one of the largest flea markets in Tokyo with about 500 to 600 stalls. It is a large-scale flea market in Tokyo, with 500 to 600 stalls, and everyone from professionals to the general public can enjoy the festive atmosphere. You can enjoy the whole day if you browse from one end to the other. When you come back to the flea market, it is easy to forget which stalls were where, so it is a good idea to buy what you want to buy to avoid the trouble of going back and looking for it.

Secondhand Clothing Store


2nd STREET is a general reuse store, but it handles a lot of clothing.

In particular, there seem to be a lot of brand-name items and trendy items popular among the 20s and up generation. The store is also easy to browse.

Trefax Style

Trefax Style is a recycling store that focuses mainly on secondhand clothing.

The idea behind the shop is to “Discover a new you with secondhand clothes,” there is a corner for each taste of clothes, and it is easy to find clothes that you would like to try on.

Prices are inexpensive on average.