How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend

How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend Love

Many people have a Japanese woman they are interested in but don’t know how to approach her. So, in this article, I, as a Japanese person, will explain how to make a Japanese girlfriend.

In the eyes of Japanese women, strive to be a “cool guy.” 

Meet women’s needs if you want to make a girlfriend. You must also be a “cool guy” with a distinct “personality. To help you become a cool guy who understands women’s requirements, I’ll tell you what women want in a man for love and marriage, based on my personal experience and social studies.

Men’s perceptions of a cool man differ from women’s.

The ideal image of a cool man in the minds of men and women is vastly different. Men’s ideal image of a man is built on ‘competition’ and ‘comparison,’ such as getting into a good university or generating more money than other businesspeople. Simply put: I’m cool, reasonable, and erotic, and I’m always number one!

They have a bold and distinctive appearance, wearing sunglasses and leather coats.The perfect man for Japanese women, on the other hand, emphasizes empathy and collaboration, such as constantly being there for them, understanding their feelings, and assisting them when they are in need.

‘Communication’ with males is of the utmost significance to women.

This is something that should be kept in mind. That is, men’s perceptions of “cool communication” and women’s perceptions of “the kind of communication they want men to perform” are diametrically opposed. Men often perceive communication skills as “the capacity to bring the negotiation partner into your pace” or “plans to make the other party say “I’m impressed,” in other words, as a type of “fight between domination and subjection.

Women don’t use communication to win or lose; instead, they use it to convey their affection for one another. They communicate and text to express their emotions, including happiness, joy, despair, and loneliness.

Three steps to making a Japanese girlfriend

Three steps to making a Japanese girlfriend
  • Step 1: Meeting people
  • Step 2: Approach
  • Step 3: Confess


Encounters are based on chance. You’re more likely to find a Japanese girlfriend if you meet a lot of Japanese ladies. You can proceed with your relationship with peace of mind if you meet a Japanese woman and ask for an introduction from a friend, acquaintance, senior colleague, or relative, or go on a blind date. Both men and women participate with a clear objective in mind, such as “finding a partner” or “finding a marriage partner,” in gatherings such as “attending a street party or marriage activity party” and “registering with a marriage agency,” making it easier to develop into a relationship.

People who participate in activities like ‘attending marriage activity parties’ and registering with a marriage agency’ are more likely to create a serious, marriage-oriented relationship since they are looking for a partner to walk with in the future. They’re also more likely to form a romantic relationship since they’re willing to put in the time and money to build a relationship and marry. Because they bring together people with similar beliefs and aspirations, encounters with people who “attend cooking, sports, or music schools” or “belong to a group for hobbies, volunteer work, or other purposes” are more likely to evolve into romance. All interactions have one thing in common: they all entail meeting someone and spending time with them.

A greeting such as ‘hello’ or ‘good evening’ should be said first. Everyone extends a friendly greeting. And saying hello is often regarded as a positive gesture. If a woman greets you, you should automatically return the greeting. Men may also feel at ease and believe that greeting is something that everyone does naturally. You can let it go with a carefree attitude and say, “I can’t even say hello, that’s not very pleasant,” even if the woman treats you terribly. You don’t want to be wounded because you contacted a woman and she turned you down. This scenario repeats itself multiple times, and you get terrified of being rejected again, so you stop communicating with her.

Adopt a ‘listening’ mentality when speaking to Japanese ladies. Listen attentively and get to know me,’ Japanese ladies say. Everyone confides in and opens up to someone who knows what they are going through. Instead of discussing guys in general or interesting anecdotes, we’ll chat about women. Take an interest in the woman you’re speaking with and ask her questions to learn more about her to have significant significance

It is more important to “listen to what the other person has to say” than it is to “speak about yourself” in order to build a romantic relationship.

Making an approach

Differences in the way men and women get romantically involved

When you meet someone and you think, “I like this person!” and “I love you!” The feeling of “I’m so excited!

The ‘love curve’ is a ‘line’ that shows how this feeling of love rises. The way men and women draw this ‘love curve’ is decisively different from each other until they feel excited about the other person and their feelings of love rise.

One of the reasons why approaching a woman can fail is because you confess your love to her before she has developed romantic feelings for you. Instead of the man’s own ‘all at once’ pace, approach the woman following her ‘gradual’ and ‘gradual’ love curve by exchanging messages and phone calls and going on several dates.

Message and call her often.

The reason why it is better to line and phone more frequently is that women develop romantic feelings when they accumulate ‘involvement’ through two-way communication.

How to ask for a date?

Ask for a date by phone rather than by message.

If you are in the same place or school and have the opportunity to ask someone out in person, do so.

When asking someone out, a phone call is better than a message, and a face-to-face meeting is better than a phone call because it is easier to convey mutual feelings. Also, with messages, the compulsion to reply immediately does not work. This gives women more ‘thinking time’ and increases the likelihood of rejection. Furthermore, people have a habit of saying no when they can see the other person.

If someone asks you out by email, you can say no without feeling guilty, but on the phone or in person, you often feel guilty and cannot say no.


In Japan, it is common for one of the parties to confess their feelings for the other party and start dating. The timing for a confession is when the woman’s romantic feelings have grown and she is convinced that she has opened up to you and trusts you, and if you have held hands before, it is a good chance.

Why it is safer not to have sex before confessing.

Most Japanese women ask men before going out with them, “Is he serious about going out with me? Or are you just after my body?” I have a suspicion that this is not the case. Japanese women believe that their female body is valuable in a relationship with a man. Although it varies from person to person, there is a feeling that they should not have physical relations with a man unless they have truly forgiven him.

Therefore, if they unwillingly have sex at the wrong time, they feel guilty that they are dirty and no good. Japanese women are cautious about having sex, so if a man approaches them without confessing and at a stage when they are not officially in a relationship, they feel disgusted. In some cases, the trust that has been built up may be broken and things may not work out.

Once you are in a good mood, like having sex, there is no problem in moving on even if you have not confessed.

Points to consider when confessing, it is important to maximize the woman’s feelings. Raising a woman’s spirit means increasing the sense of crush and excitement. By creating a sweet atmosphere that is different from reality, you can increase a woman’s crush and excitement. To create a romantic atmosphere, the ‘choice of location’ is extremely important. A stylish bar with a good atmosphere or Choose dimly lit, unusual, and romantic places with a night view, such as an observatory or skyscraper, or an upscale restaurant.