How to Save Money on Gasoline

How to Save Money on Gasoline Money

The cost of gasoline each time you fill up your car is an annual expense that should not be overlooked. If you can, you should be able to save money. In this article, we will discuss how to save money on gasoline.

Save money with credit cards

You can also save money by using a credit card that offers discounts when you refuel. Credit cards will be discussed further later, but there are many different types of credit cards that can make you save money. If your nearest gas station has a credit card that offers discounts, it may be a good idea to join.

Check the engine oil

Every time you run your car and use the engine, the engine oil gets dirty. If the engine oil remains dirty, the car will run sluggishly and the fuel consumption will decrease. In order to save money on gasoline, it is necessary to check the engine oil and change it regularly.

Check the shortest route

If you get lost and have to go around the same place or take a detour to get to your destination, the distance traveled will increase and gasoline will be consumed. It may not seem like something that has anything to do with the car, but it is a good idea to check the route to your destination beforehand so that you don’t get lost.

Watch your tire pressure

If the air in the tires is depleted and the air pressure is low, the rolling resistance of the tires will increase. This will result in poor fuel economy. No matter how cheap gasoline you buy, you will not be able to save money if the air pressure in your tires are low. There are places where you can check the tire pressure at gas stations. Be sure to check the tire pressure while you are refueling.

Air conditioning saves money

Using the air conditioner also consumes gasoline. If you use it too much, it will increase your gasoline consumption. Of course, when it is hot or cold, it is better to use the air conditioner to manage your health condition. However, if you can make up for it by opening the windows or wearing comfortable clothes, try not to use it frequently.

Refuel in the morning

There is a theory that it is more profitable to refuel in the morning. This is because gasoline expands at high temperatures, so if you refuel in the morning when the temperature is low, the gasoline will expand and increase in volume on the afternoon. Therefore, it is said that you will gain more money. However, there are some people who say that the price does not change depending on the time of the day or temperature, because the gasoline pump has an adjustment function.

Choosing a car with good fuel efficiency

If you are planning to buy a car or are considering buying a new one, choose a car with good fuel efficiency. You will be driving a car for many years, so choosing a car with good fuel efficiency is the key to save money on gasoline.

Use self-service for refueling

In Japan, it is cheaper to refuel by yourself than by a clerk. It is a good idea to refuel at gas stations that offer self-service. If you have any questions, you can ask the clerk, so if you don’t know how to do it, it wouldn’t be a worry. These days, many gas stations have a touch panel system for selecting the fueling menu. Also, when refueling, be sure to remove static electricity before refueling. Of course, smoking and other fires are strictly prohibited.

Don’t overload your car

The heavier your car is, the worse your fuel economy will be and the more gasoline you will spend. Keep your car organized and unload anything you don’t need in it. This will prevent you from consuming fuel unnecessarily, thus saving your money on gasoline.

Don’t fill up your tank

There are some people who fill up the tank every time they refuel because it wastes their time to go back and forth. However, some people say that it is better to save money by not filling up the tank. The reason is that filling up the tank increases the weight of the car itself, which results in lower fuel efficiency. However, the difference in fuel consumption is not that great. Considering the time and effort in refueling several times, some people may think that it is better to fill up the tank right away so that time will not be wasted. Also, when gasoline is cheap, it may be more economical to fill up the tank. In theory, not filling up your car with gasoline will save you money, but considering the various circumstances, whether it really works or not will depend on the situation.

Use car sharing

If you don’t use your car that much, you may want to give up your car and switch to car sharing. If you use a car in the first place, you will have to pay for gasoline as well as

  • Car loans
  • Monthly parking fees
  • Various insurance costs
  • Car tax

and so on.

In a sense, this is the ultimate way to go, but these costs should not be overlooked. With car sharing, you can use the car for a short time (15 minutes) for about 200 yen. Also, you don’t have to pay for gasoline yourself, as you can use the card that is always available for your car.

How to drive to save money on gasoline

In order to save money on gasoline, it is also important to pay attention on how you drive. Specifically, what should you pay attention to when driving?

Don’t press the gas pedal too hard

It is said that the most gasoline is used when you start the car. If you start the car too quickly, it will consume gasoline, so when you start the car, be sure to accelerate slowly.

Don’t accelerate too quickly

Every time you accelerate rapidly, you consume gasoline. Do not accelerate suddenly, but accelerate gradually. You can save gasoline by not stepping on the gas pedal too much.

Use the engine brake

Use the engine brake when you want to slow down your car. The engine brake is automatically applied when you talk on the gas pedal while driving. First, take your foot off the gas pedal and use the engine brake to slow down, then apply the brake slowly.

Some cars are equipped with a system that automatically stops refueling when the engine brake is used. It is also recommended to choose such cars to drive. Also, stepping on the brakes repeatedly will eat up gasoline. Use the engine brake as much as possible when stopping the car. Turn off the engine when you stop the car. If the engine not even when the car is stopped, it will eat gasoline. Some people leave the engine running so that they can start the car as soon as they get in. Leaving the engine running is called idling, but remember that gasoline is consumed even while the engine is idling.