How to Win at Pachinko and Pachislot

pachinko Money

The RTP (Return to Play) for pachinko is 85%. This means that if you continue to play pachinko normally, you will continue to lose 15% of your money. However, I have a friend who lives off of pachinko. He taught me how to win, so I will write about that. His pachinko strategy is called “Hyena”. Let me explain about “Hyena”.

How to do “Hyena”

In pachinko and pachislot, there is something called “Tenjo”. Tenjo means that a long period of time passes without a jackpot. After a certain period of time, it becomes a jackpot. In other words, it is a service to models that have not hit the jackpot for a long time. The image below shows a meter installed in a pachinko/pachislot machine.

It varies from store to store, but usually, red is the number of jackpots per day and green is the number of games counts. It is best to choose the one with the big green number. Because the higher the number, the fewer games it takes to enter tenjo.

The target is the machine with the big green numbers on it.

Expected value

I’ll skip the explanation of the expected value here. You need to find a pachinko/pachislot machine with a high expected value. However, this is quite difficult. Because the timing to enter tenjo changes depending on the pachinko/pachislot machine. At the moment, I haven’t found an English site that gives information on this. In Japanese, the site is as follows.

【パチンコ 天井期待値 まとめ】勝てるパチンコを探せ!遊タイム(天井)一覧

Basically, if you search for the model name in Japanese, you can get information about the expected value.  In this article, as an example, I will introduce the expected values of new pachinko machines in the popular Evangelion series (エヴァンゲリオン決戦真紅).

This time, I will test it on a pachinko machine that costs 4 yen per ball.

The expected values are as follows. 

until tenjo
                                   Number of games per 1,000 yen
    13G     14G     15G     16G     17G     18G     19G
959G -7380yen -5710yen -4264yen -2998yen -1881yen -888yen 1yen
900G -7058yen -5406yen -3975yen -2722yen -1617yen -634yen 245yen
850G -6734yen -5100yen -3684yen -2445yen -1352yen -380yen 490yen
800G -6356yen -4743yen -3344yen -2121yen -1042yen -82yen 776yen
750G -5913yen -4324yen -2947yen -1742yen -679yen 266yen 1112yen
700G -5396yen -3835yen -2483yen -1299yen -255yen 673yen 1504yen
650G -4790yen -3263yen -1939yen -781yen 241yen 1149yen 1962yen
600G -4082yen -2593yen -1303yen -175yen 821yen 1706yen 2499yen
550G -3254yen -1811yen -560yen 534yen 1500yen 2358yen 3126yen
500G -2285yen -895yen 309yen 1363yen 2293yen 3120yen 3859yen
450G -1152yen 176yen 1326yen 2516yen 3221yen 4011yen 4718yen
400G 173yen 1428yen 2516yen 3907yen 4307yen 5053yen 5721yen
350G 1723yen 2893yen 3907yen 5534yen 5577yen 6272yen 6895yen
300G 3536yen 4606yen 5534yen 7437yen 7061yen 7698yen 8268yen
250G 5656yen 6610yen 7437yen 9662yen 8798yen 9366yen 9873yen
200G 8136yen 8953yen 9662yen 12265yen 10830yen 11316yen 11751yen
150G 11036yen 11694yen 12265yen 15310yen 13205yen 13597yen 13948yen
100G 14428yen 14900yen 15310yen 18870yen 15984yen 16265yen 16516yen
50G 18395yen 18650yen 18870yen 23035yen 19234yen 19385yen 19521yen
0G 23035yen 23035yen 23035yen 23035yen 23035yen 23035yen 23035yen

What is important here is the number of games per 1,000 yen. It varies depending on the model, but is usually located in the center at the bottom of the screen.

 The target is a pachinko machine that can play more than 17~19 games per 1,000 yen. If you are playing on a pachinko machine that costs 1 yen per ball, your target is a pachinko machine that allows you to play at least 68 to 76 games per 1,000 yen. However, the expected value of 1 yen pachinko is reduced to a quarter, so you will make less money. The advantage is that it reduces the risk.

If you can’t calculate the expected value, so the best way is to determine the game counts and the number of games per 1000 yen for pachinko. In the case of pachislot, the best way to decide is by the number of games.