Japanese men who reply quickly

Japanese men who reply quickly Love

Many of you may be in frequent contact with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend you are interested in. If you don’t receive a reply to your messages, you may worry about where he/she is, what he/she is doing and wonder if he/she has no pulse. It makes you wonder if he/she is still  breathing or not.

In this article, I will introduce the psychology of fast message replies and what you can do when you are jealous of his slow replies.

Psychology of a person who replies to messages too fast. You may feel anxious or annoyed when someone replies too slowly, but you rarely feel bad when someone replies too fast. A person who replies faster to any person is a better impression. First, let me introduce the psychology of people who reply to messages too fast.

 I like you, so I want to reply fast

If you send a message and they reply right back a few seconds later, it might be because they like you. You want to chat very often with the person you like, and there are countless things you want to ask him. He may be responding immediately because he likes you and wants to exchange messages with you.

He is usually accustomed to a fast pace

He may be responding to you instantly because he is accustomed to a fast pace of messaging with his business partners and friends.

In this case, it is hard to say that he has special feelings for you since he is maintaining his usual speed in replying to your messages. However, if he feels that the conversation is boring or he wants to stop talking to you, his reply speed tends to slow down. Therefore, as long as he responds immediately, it is safe to assume that he enjoys communicating with you as well.


He may be the type of person who is lonely and always wants to be in touch with someone. He is with anyone who is sending him a message, whether it is you or someone else. It is a little difficult to tell if he has a feeling or none. If he is in frequent contact with someone even when you are seeing him regularly, he may be a lonely type of person.

Mayme personality

Be careful of a guy who is a hard worker. It is good that he is a good person but, even if he is messaging a lot of girls, it doesn’t bother him, so he may act like a womanizer without being aware of it. If you seem to be in contact with a lot of them, you might need to be a little careful.

Slow message reply rate! What you can do before you get frustrated. 

When you send him a message and he doesn’t reply, you may feel anxious while waiting for his reply but, just fidgeting won’t get you anywhere.

Here are some tips on how to prompt him to respond to your messages without being heavy-handed, as well as some techniques for sending messages to find out what he’s up to.

The first one is to pace yourself with him

If you feel that he is slowing down in replying to your messages, you should first adjust your pace to him  Some men may feel a little bothered if he replies immediately when they are tired or busy. Therefore, if he replies after 3 hours, you should try sending your message after 3 hours as well. If you continue to match his timing for a while, you will be able to communicate with him at a natural pace without becoming a chore for both of you.

The second is to review your messages

Are you sending messages that are difficult to reply to, or are you talking about yourself too much?

He may be thinking too much about how to reply to your messages, making it difficult for you to reply. When you message him, you should include a question, and include words of concern for his health and current situation. Be careful not to write too long. Be careful not to make your messages too long.

The third is to Be cute and beg him

If you feel uneasy because of his slow reply speed, try begging him without being heavy-handed. If you tell him in a cute way, such as “I’m worried if I don’t hear from you often,” or “I’d be happy if you contact me more ♡,” he may try his best to be patient. It is not a good idea to get angry or cry, “Why don’t you reply to me⁉︎?” It may become heavy and he may feel that it is troublesome just because you don’t return his messages. Be cute and keep it to a little prompting for a reply.