Living on Shareholder Benefits

Living off shareholder benefits and perks alone Money

There are currently about 1,500 companies in Japan that offers shareholder benefits (perks). So, I think there are celebrities in Japan who live off of shareholder benefits and dividends. In fact, there is a celebrity in Japan who lives off of shareholder benefits and dividends. His name is Mr. Kiritani. In this article, I would like to find out more about him and whether it is possible to live off of shareholder benefits. For more information on shareholder benefits, please see this article.

Mr. Kiritani (Hiroto Kiritani)


Mr. Kiritani is a former professional Go player and a leading figure in the spread of shareholder special benefit in Japan.

Not long after Mr. Kiritani started investing in stocks, Japan entered into a frenzied bubble economy. In 1984, when Mr. Kiritani started his stock trading, the Nikkei Stock Average was 9,927 yen, but five years later, at the end of 1989, it roused to a level approaching 40,000 yen. Five years later, by the end of 1989, it had roused to nearly 40,000 yen, and Mr. Kiritani ‘s assets had increased to about 100 million yen. From there, Mr. Kiritani decided to make more money and started margin trading. However, the bubble economy burst in 1990, and the Nikkei Stock Average fell to about 20,000 yen. So, Mr. Kiritani lost almost 100 million yen. A few years after that, Mr. Kiritani quit his job as a professional Go player and lost his income, so he decided to live off of shareholder benefits.

Mr. Kiritani ‘s daily schedule <4-digit numbers are stock codes>

Unicafe <2597>

I wake up at 8:30 and during my free hours of the morning; I take a cup of drip coffee given to me by Key Coffee <2594>, Unicafe <2597>, Toho <8142> and others. It has a nice aroma and makes me feel elegant. I sometimes use my Senshukai <8165> points to get a coffee set.

I wash my face and brush my teeth in the morning, all of which are shareholder special products. He says he owns eight electric toothbrushes. Razors are purchased with shopping coupons from Big Camera <3048>.

9:00 Stock trading

11:30 Lunch


In the past, he often eats out using shareholder benefits, but now he just eats at home. I have never purchased rice because I receive a lot of rice as a shareholder benefits. He also gets a lot of canned food and retort-packed curry through shareholder benefits. So, he has no trouble with them. He likes the new tea from Shizuoka Prefecture that he received from DAYTONA <7228>.

12:30 Stock trading

16:00 Sports club

He has been selling his unused shareholder gifts to join a sports club. He also usually takes a bath there and uses a body care set given to him by House of Lose <7506> for the towel he uses to wash himself. When he showers at home, he uses body soap and shampoo that he got from Ajuban Cosmetics Japan <4929> and Noevir Holdings <4928>.

18:00 Dinner

Korakuen <7554>

Dinner is almost always eaten out. He often eats beef bowl at Yoshinoya Holdings <9861>, ramen at Korakuen <7554>, and Chinese food at Heidi Hidaka <7611>. All of these are paid for with golden coupons from shareholder benefits. I hear there are many more…

20:00 Relaxing

The 19-inch TV was purchased with a gift card he received as a shareholder benefit. He got a lot of gift cards from shareholders’ benefits, so he used them to buy home appliances and household goods. For pajamas, he uses shareholder special gifts from Clothes Hiraki <3059> and Nissen Holdings <8248>.

The only money Mr. Kiritani spends is on rent, utilities, and occasionally on transportation when he travels by train.

Verifying if you can live on shareholder benefits alone


Right-on <7445>

HONEYS Holdings <2792>, MacHouse <7603>, and Right-On<7445> all offer gift certificates that can be used at their stores as shareholder benefits. You can buy clothes there. However, if you invest the minimum amount, you will need to invest a large amount because the amount of gift certificates you can receive is small.

Tabio<2668>, which operates a sock shop, offers shareholder benefits worth 1,500 yen in gift certificates even for 100 shares. Alpen <3028> also offers a gift certificate worth 2,000 yen for 100 shares. Alpen is a sporting goods store, but it also sells clothing and shoes.


Nihon Ham
Nihon Ham <2282>

Kagome <2811>, well known for its tomato ketchup, Toyo Suisan <2875>, Nissin Foods Holdings <2897>, and Nihon Ham <2282> are among the companies that offer food as a special benefit. Many other food manufacturers also offer their own products as shareholder benefits.

Even companies that are not involved in the food industry, such as Sekisui House <1928> and Sakai Moving service <9039>, offer 5 kg of rice as a shareholder benefit, and it seems that there are many other companies that offer food products.

Companies that operate restaurants tend to offer meal coupons that can be used at their restaurants. There are so many different types that you will never have a problem finding something to eat.


Samty <3244>

As you might expect, shareholder benefits do not cover housing itself. Whether you are buying a house or renting a house, you need cash. You need to pay for it either by selling your shareholder benefits for cash or by using dividends.

Samty <3244>, which operates a real estate business, offers free hotel stay coupons, but the maximum number of coupons is 10. Other than this, the coupons are for discounted hotel stays, so cash is required.


Clothing and food can be paid for with shareholder benefits, and housing can be paid for with 10 days of hotel accommodations, so if he can spend the remaining 355 days in the wild, you can survive.

However, since he needs an address to get shareholder benefits, he will eventually have to pay for your house in cash.