Popular Conveyor-belt Sushi

Popular Conveyor-belt Sushi Japan

Kura Sushi


Kura Sushi is a conveyor-belt sushi chain operated by Kura Corporation.

The unique feature of Kura Sushi is the introduction of a dome-shaped cap called “Shunsho-kun” on the sushi that flows down the lane.This cap was introduced to protect sushi from viruses, spit, and bacteria, which is surprising.In the current Corona disaster, it is a system that is appreciated.In addition, “Shunshi-kun” is equipped with an IC chip system that discards items that have been stored for a set period of time and is extremely beneficial  to food safety.

Since around 2012, Kurazushi has been focusing on its side menu, which includes a wide variety of dishes. The menu includes beef bowls, shari curry, ramen noodles, chilled chuka, curry udon, unaju, and many more.“Is this really a sushi restaurant?” The lineup is so extensive that it makes you wonder if this is really a sushi restaurant.It seems the main goal of having to add these side dishes is  to “increase the number of target customers” and “secure the number of customers coming to the restaurant”.

Kappa Sushi


Kappa Sushi is a sushi chain operated by Kappa Create Co.
The parent company is Colowide Co. Kappa Sushi is known for its extensive noodle menu. With the exception of a few items on the menu, the price is almost uniformly 100 yen (108 yen including tax).The menu on the side is also extensive. The amount of noodles and the price are both reasonable, so you can easily eat them if you just want some ramen noodles. Kappa Sushi has been suffering from poor performance recently.

I have often heard of all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurants, but I was shocked when I first heard of an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.Recently, Kappa Sushi is expanding its business by offering conveyor-belt sushi at customers’ homes and developing an online store, “Umaimon Ichiba” (Umaimon Market).



Sushiro is a conveyor-belt sushi chain operated by Akindo Sushiro Co.Everyone knows Sushiro.Many people think of Sushiro when they hear the word “conveyor-belt sushi.

The price per plate is uniformly 100 yen (108 yen including tax) except for some items, and the color of the plates is divided into 100 yen items, 150 yen items, and 300 yen items to make the price easy to understand. Side dishes include “udon”, “ramen”, “edamame”, and “takoyaki”.Seasonal dishes such as pumpkin tempura are also available depending on the season. There are also various dessert options, allowing you to sample a variety of conveyor-belt sushi genres. After lunch time, a café is also available, which is often used for girls’ night out or business meetings.

Hama Sushi


Hama sushi is a conveyor-belt sushi chain operated by Hamazushi Co.The parent company is Zensho Holdings.The basic price is 100 yen (108 yen including tax) per plate, except for a few items but on weekdays the price is 90 yen per plate. Compared to other conveyor-belt sushi chains, this is a very reasonable price for sushi. The reason for this low price is that the Zensho Group is able to take advantage of its economies of scale to reduce the cost of procuring ingredients. In addition, they are experimenting with Softbank’s humanoid robot “Pepper” at the Willa Oi, Moka, and Urawa branches, where Pepper is assigned to reception and guidance duties.