Special Usage of Point Cards in Japan


There are many point cards in Japan. You can find more information on how to make and use point cards on other sites. Basically, point card is worth 1 yen (1¢) per 1 point.  But this time, I’ll show you a more valuable use for it. In Japan, there is a word called “Poikatsu” (ポイ活). “Poikatsu” means try to get and collect points (reward/cashback) every day. Some people have over 1 million points!

Let’s all read this article and aim for 1 million points!


d Point card

d POINT is provided by NTT Docomo. NTT Docomo is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan.  d POINT can be used for monthly phone bills! One of my recommended uses is “d shopping”. “d shopping” is e-commerce, It has a large selection of items.

If you shop at d shopping on the 20th of every month, you will receive 20% of your purchase amount in points. Another way to use it is as a d POINT investment. You can use your d POINT to invest in the S&P 500, Gold, etc. In general, there is capital gain tax on profits. But d POINT investment is tax-free. To be accurate, if you do not exchange your d POINT for cash, you will not be taxed. I’m fully invested in the s&p 500.

When I look at Twitter, I sometimes see people who have more than 1 million d POINT. I think these people are using affiliate marketing to make d POINT.


You can get 1 point for every 200 yen ($2) purchase. T POINT is best used for shopping at Welcia. Welcia is a drugstore.  It’s the most useful and convenient place to shop as you can find a wide range of products from medicine, cosmetics to food and household goods.  

Welcia offers a campaign to increase the value of T POINT by 1.5 times on the 20th of every month! You can buy 300 yen ($3) worth of items with 200 T POINT. T POINT can be used for investment, but it is not recommended. If you use T POINT to buy or sell stocks, you can get your cash. You lose T POINT. 


Ponta POINT has many partners, so you can use it at many different stores. One of my recommended uses is “au PAY market” .  “au PAY market”  is e-commerce, “au PAY market” and “d shopping”  are similar.

If you use Ponta POINT on “au PAY market”, for example, 2000 points will be worth 3000 points! However, points exchanged in this way will expire after one month. Another way to use it is as au PAY investment.  If you do it, you will need to download the au pay app.

This is linked to au Smart・Prime (auスマート・プライム). This fund is composed of 25% domestic stocks, 35% domestic bonds, 20% foreign stocks, and 20% foreign bonds. The chart keeps going up, so I guess it’s not bad.

Rakuten Point

Rakuten Point is easier to acquire than other points. Because you can get a lot of points when you shop at Rakuten Market. In addition, Rakuten card (credit card) can be used to earn points as well! Rakuten Point can also be invested in funds. I think the best way to use Rakuten Point is with Point Bitcoin.

If you invest in Bitcoin with Rakuten Point and sell it, you will get it back in Rakuten Point. In Japan, high taxes are levied on the profits earned from Bitcoin. But profits earned from Point Bitcoin will be returned in Rakuten Point. If you continue to hold Rakuten Point, you will not be taxed.

PayPay Bonus

I’ve already introduced how to use PayPay, so you can check it out below.

When you use PayPay to make purchases, you can earn PayPay Bonus. While PayPay Bonus points can be used for shopping, I recommend using them for Earn Bonus (investing). You can invest in SPXL or SPY with PayPay Bonus. But Earn Bonus doesn’t get any distribution. Therefore, it is better to sell once the day before the ex-dividend date.