The psychology behind Japanese men in introducing her girlfriend to his parents

Psychology of a Japanese Boyfriend Introducing Her to His Parents Love

As a woman, you would be happy if your Japanese boyfriend asks you to introduce him to your parents. So, when does a Japanese boyfriend want to introduce her to his parents?

In this article, we will explain in detail the psychology and timing of when a Japanese boyfriend wants to introduce her to his parents. 

The psychology behind Japanese boyfriends who introduce their girlfriends to their parents

He is thinking of getting married. 

The first is when the Japanese boyfriend is thinking about marriage. Many women think that “introducing her to your parents means marriage,” and this is probably true for men as well.

They introduce her to their parents when they want to make her aware of their marriage, when they want to show that they are serious about their relationship with an eye toward marriage, or when they want their parents to meet their future partner and be prepared for their future partner.

You want to reassure your parents that she exists.

The second is when you want to reassure your parents by telling them about her existence. Many parents want their children to marry and be happy. In the case of a son who is of marriageable age, they may frequently ask if he has a girlfriend or if he is married yet.

In this case, it is possible that he does not want to introduce her as a marriage partner, but is introducing her to his parents for the time being in order to reassure them and avoid being bombarded with questions. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess how the Japanese boyfriend feels.

I want her and her parents to get along well.

The third is when you want your parents and her to get along. Many men want their girlfriends to get along with their own families because they love them. They may want to introduce her to them, especially because you can’t know their personalities until you meet them in person.

If she and her parents get along well, they will understand how good she is, and they may think that the marriage talk and post-marriage relationship will go smoothly. It can be said that he is truly a Japanese boyfriend who is good at laying the groundwork.

When should the Japanese boyfriend introduce her to his parents?

Before marriage

The first timing is before marriage. After he proposes to her and gets her OK, the conversation about marriage will finally begin in earnest. This is when you introduce the marriage to your Japanese boyfriend’s parents.

In many cases, this timing is a combination of the introduction of the girlfriend and the wedding greeting. The reason he does not introduce her to her parents until just before is that if he introduces her early, he may be asked when they are getting married, which can be troublesome.

However, it can be said that he is a disciplined type of Japanese boyfriend who does not feel comfortable proceeding with the conversation without his parents’ permission.

When you have a better understanding of each other

The second timing is when you have a better understanding of each other. If you introduce your relationship to your parents when you have just started dating, it will be difficult to tell them that you have already broken up if you break up in the middle of your relationship.

Therefore, some men may want to introduce the couple to their parents when they have been dating for several months and have a better understanding of each other and are convinced that they will be able to continue dating for a long time in the future.

In this case, he may introduce you to his parents just to reassure them that he is worried about their single son, and he may not have marriage in mind, so do not be too quick to judge.

When you have been dating for a long time

The third timing is when you have been dating for a long time. Some men may want to introduce you to their parents for future consideration when you have been dating for more than six months.

In this case, the Japanese boyfriend’s feelings toward marriage may be gradually increasing. Although his own feelings have become firm, he may want to introduce her to his parents in order to find out if she is suitable as a marriage partner in their eyes.

Psychology of Japanese boyfriends who do not easily introduce her to their parents


The first reason is an embarrassment. If the Japanese boyfriend lives alone or is not in close contact with his family, he may feel embarrassed to introduce her to his family.

They may also be embarrassed to let their family members see them with her, or they may feel that they cannot suddenly talk about her when they do not usually talk about their love life with her. However, in this type of situation, it may go easily if she takes the initiative in setting the date.

She has no intention of getting married

The second reason is that she does not want to get married. This may be because the Japanese boyfriend has no desire to get married, or because she has problems with her appearance, such as being gaudy or lacking common sense.

Even if she has no problems, there are a certain number of men who have no intention of getting married. Therefore, if she has the desire to get married, but there is no talk of marriage even after a long relationship, it is advisable to ask her to confirm it.

There is a possibility of opposition.

The third reason is the possibility of opposition. If she does not fit the image of a suitable girlfriend for your parents, they may object even if you introduce her to them.

Also, if there is something wrong with her, such as her clothes are too flashy or she lacks common sense, they may decide that they cannot introduce her to their parents. Ask your Japanese boyfriend casually why, and make an effort to correct any areas that could be improved!