The Psychology of Japanese Women Ignoring Messages

The Psychology of Japanese Women Ignoring Messages Love

The moment a Japanese woman you like sends you a message, you may feel depressed. However, ignoring a message does not necessarily mean that she does not like you. Japanese women’s feelings are complex, and they usually ignore messages even if they like you. In this article, I will explain in detail the psychology of why Japanese women ignores messages, and I will also talk about NG behavior.

The Psychology of Japanese Women Ignoring Messages

She thinks the exchange is over

You might say, “She ignored my messages! but the Japanese woman may not have that intention. This is a case when a Japanese woman thinks that the message exchange was over after a conversation has ended. Even if there is no greeting such as “Good night” or “See you tomorrow,” if the Japanese woman judges that the conversation has ended” then she will not reply. If you’ll ask an obvious question and she does not reply, it doesn’t mean she’s ignoring the message, instead, she probably thinks the conversation is over.

Too busy to reply right away

It is also possible that the Japanese woman is too busy to reply immediately due to a lot of workload. If she has things to do at work or in her personal life, she will reply later. The time it takes for a woman to feel “ignored! It takes time to be noticed by a Japanese woman, so, don’t lose hope! It may be that Japanese women are more workaholics than men and they may think this way, “I’ll reply if I have an available time, it will be OK even if it is tomorrow.

I’m going to reply slowly later

Even if you are not particularly busy, there are cases in which you may be thinking about replying to a message later. If a Japanese woman wants to think carefully about the content of the message and reply calmly, it will take some time from the time she reads the message to the time she replies. This is common among Japanese women who take their own pace. On the other hand, if you are impatient, you may feel that your message was ignored.

Trying to reply later and completely forgetting about it

If your message has already seen but did not receive a reply, the Japanese woman may have inevitably to your message. She may have thought about replying later, but had forgotten while she was busy. This is common among busy Japanese women. It is a careless mistake; so Japanese women do not have bad intentions.

She is having trouble thinking of what to reply to

If a Japanese woman is having trouble thinking about how to reply to your message, she might just ignore your message. Especially if the message is a status report or a tweet, many Japanese women are troubled because they do not know how to respond. If the topic is something that Japanese women are not interested in, it is even more difficult to come up with a response. While they are thinking about how to respond, time passes, and they finally say, “Enough is enough…” and they would ignore the message.

Messages with you are a pain in the ass

When a Japanese woman has low motivation to message you or has no interest to message you at all, she will ignore your messages. To be honest, she probably might find your messages boring and annoying to respond to. She is treating you quite roughly. They are one step away from losing interest in you.

If they are ignoring your messages no matter what the topic is, it is possible that they are not reading your messages. They are probably thinking, “I’ll just leave it as read for now”. If they ignore your messages even when you ask them for advice or questions, they may just be using the “read all” function.

I would like to reduce the frequency of messages a little

If you find that your messages are sometimes ignored, the intention is to message you a little less often. They are probably tired of spending so much time messaging you. It is difficult to say, “I want you to message me a little less. Therefore, by ignoring messages or replying late, they are telling you in a roundabout way that they want to “slow down a little.

Ignoring messages on purpose is a tactic

If a Japanese woman continues to reply to your messages immediately and then suddenly ignores them, and then resumes the communication it is like situation that is trying to make you feel insecure and draw your interest in her. She may be frustrated by the lack of progress in the exchange of messages. They want you to ask them out, and they are trying to get your attention by any means necessary.

What to do when a Japanese woman ignores your messages

When a Japanese woman ignores your messages, there are some NG behaviors that you should not do. Here are some of the NG behaviors that will make even a Japanese woman who likes you run away from you.

Sending messages, one after another

It is a bad idea to be too aggressive and send messages in rapid succession because you are not getting any replies. If you receive a string of messages from someone to whom you have not replied, Japanese women will feel a little intimidated. Even if you have no intention of doing so, it may give a negative image of “Did I offend you just by being a little late in replying? Even if you don’t intend to, you may give off a negative image. It is important to pace your messages with each other, so do not send messages one-sidedly.

Prompting for a reply

Even if you feel that the person may have forgotten to reply to your message, it is not a good idea to send a message urging the person to reply. If a Japanese woman is planning to reply at her own pace, it will only put pressure on her. Also, if you have decided that a reply is unnecessary, you may think, “What? What do you mean, you want me to reply with this message? You may be shocked at the difference in values between you and the Japanese woman. Unless it is an important matter, such as work, it is bad manners to forcefully prompt a reply to a message.

Worrying Excessively

If a Japanese woman you admire ignores your messages, you may worry that she may have been in an accident. However, it is better not to worry excessively and ask, “What’s wrong?” What’s wrong?” is also not the way to go. Excessive concern from a man who is not your partner may make Japanese women feel uncomfortable and think, “We don’t have that kind of relationship, why is he being so touchy?”.

Stop sending messages

It is heartbreaking to have your messages ignored, but if you take it negatively and stop sending messages, you are cutting off your potential. If a Japanese woman ignores a message with a good intention, she will take it as “He cut me off…! If a Japanese woman ignores your message, she will take it as “He cut me off…! Even if a Japanese woman ignores your messages, it is better to keep lovingly messaging her for a while to give her time to decide whether she likes you or not.