What is Neo NEET?

What is Neo NEET? Jobs

Originally, the term “NEET” referred to a person who was neither working nor in school.

However, “neo-NEET” generally refers to a NEET who has an income.

It refers to a person who earns income in various ways and differs from the general term “NEET” in terms of actually working.

They are simply not being employed by a company and not working in a manner that restricts their working hours.

This text will help you understand what a “Neo NEET” is and what methods they use to earn money.

The distinction between Neo-NEET and NEET

A NEET is an unproductive person who does not work or participate in labor.

Neo NEET makes money through the internet, stocks, land, etc.

It is not a NEET in that it performs labor for this purpose.

The Neo-NEET earns money from home using the Internet.

So, from the perspective of someone who earns money outside the home, such as a hired worker, they look like a NEET.

Neo-NEETs have a wide variety of sources of income.

There are a wide range of income sources, such as utilizing language skills and local characteristics.

Typical income sources for Neo-NEET

Affiliate and Adsense site management

One of Neo NEET’s income sources is through the operation of affiliate and AdSense websites.

This is a business in which you explain your blog or another website on the Internet and sell products to readers who have found your articles.

It is a very convenient and easy business because, once the system is created, the money comes in automatically.

It is important to have the skills to attract customers through Google searches and social networking sites.

Many affiliates write one article a day for this purpose.

This is a recommended business because many people achieve results in about 3–4 years and there are no restrictions on where and when they work.


YouTubers upload videos on YouTube and get paid according to the number of views.

It is a steady job that requires perseverance, such as filming all the time, to gain fans.

It is said that video is a content type that will grow in the future.

With the spread of 5G, there will be even more people earning money from YouTube.

Sponsorship fees from influencers

Sponsorship fees from influencers are another source of income.

By becoming an influencer and an online celebrity, you get paid to promote products on others’ behalf.

You need to keep sending out good “catchy” stories to get followers and retweets.

Trading FX, stocks, and virtual currency

You can also make money by trading FX, stocks, and virtual currencies.

Many people trade short-term for the purpose of making money, and we often hear stories of people making millions or tens of millions of yen in a single day.

However, it can be said to be difficult work in that you have to stick to the charts all day long, checking them.

Also, unlike insurance products, FX, stocks, and virtual currencies carry the risk of loss of principal.

Stocks also include dividends.

You can earn unearned income by owning a large number of stocks rather than simply trading them and making a profit.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is the business of making a profit by buying existing products at a low price and reselling them at a higher price.

Products sold at low prices in stores can be sold at high prices on the Internet, hopefully at a profit.

By repeating the process many times, you will learn which products sell well and find a way to make a profit.

There is market research, purchasing, PR writing, shipping, etc., and it is necessary to be active in the process.