Who is Ado?

Who is Ado Anime

Ado, who played the singing part of UTA in One Piece Film Red, is shrouded in mystery, and this article will introduce you to who she is.

Who is Ado?

Ado who was born on October 24, 2002, is a Japanese singer. In 2020, at the age of 17, she made her debut with the digital single titled Usseewa. The song peaked at number 1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100, Oricon Digital Singles Chart, Oricon Streaming Chart, and Spotify Viral 50 Japan. The music video of the song on her YouTube channel reached 100 million views 148 days after its release. Reaching 100 million plays on Billboard Japan after 17 weeks from charting-in was the sixth fastest in history and the youngest for a solo singer.

She also began contributing to Nico Nico Douga in 2017 and started distributing on Youtube in 2019. She has gradually gained attention as a singer in Kujira’s “Kinmokusei” and Jon-YAKITORY’s “Shikabanese”.

Ado is an artist who is mysterious because she never shows her face in public, you’ll just hear her voice and you can see her videos on Tiktok and Youtube, but she does not show her face, which is crucial and never appeared on the stage before.

In some online forums, there has been a lot of talk about Ado’s face being revealed. The reason for this is that they formed a girl’s unit called “AMARU” and have been active since 2019.

AMARU” was taken from the names of each of the three girls

A: Ai

MA: Marin

RU: Ruri (Ado)


One fan replied to the three AMARU members on Twitter when they went to a concert on March 24, 2019. The Twitter account to which this reply was sent is the same account that Ado is currently using.

Profile of Ado

  • Name: Ado
  • Real name: Undisclosed
  • Date of birth: 2002/10/24
  • Age: 19 (as of August 2022)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo (Japan)
  • Office Cloud Nine

Her dream in elementary school was to be a cartoonist or an illustrator.

The origin of her stage name, Ado, comes from “Kyogen”. When you were in elementary school, you were exposed to the words “shite” and “ado” during a class on Kyogen, and you chose “Ado” because of its good sound.

Originally, Kyogen has the meaning of “shite = leading role” and “ado = supporting role,” but it seems that you did not understand the meaning of these words when you added them.

Later, Ado was sung with the hope that it could be a supporting role in someone’s life.