Why Do Japanese Men Prefer Women with Baby Faces?

Baby Faces Love

Have you ever wondered why women with baby faces seem to be more popular? The truth is, there are many elements in a baby face that make it attractive to men. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Japanese men are drawn to women with baby faces, the characteristics of a baby face, and its advantages based on a survey conducted among working adults and expert commentary.

What Constitutes a Baby Face?

According to beauty writer Keiko, there are two main points that make a face be recognized as a baby face:

  1. The eyes are round and prominent, with the whites of the eyes less noticeable than the pupils.
  2. The face is rounder horizontally than vertically, and the center of the facial features is closer to the chin.

Why are Baby Faces Attractive to Men?

A survey was conducted among 408 working men, asking them whether they prefer women with baby faces or mature faces. The results were almost evenly split, with about half of the men expressing a preference for women with baby faces. When asked why they prefer baby faces, the men gave the following reasons:

  1. They give a youthful impression: Men want women to stay youthful and cute.
  2. They evoke a protective instinct: Just like when we see a baby, seeing a woman with a baby face makes men want to protect her.
  3. They are comforting: Men feel more relaxed around women with baby faces than those with mature faces.
  4. They prefer cute faces over beautiful ones: Some men find beautiful faces intimidating and prefer cute faces, which they believe will stay cute even as they age.
  5. They have a good impression of baby faces: Men find women with baby faces endearing and approachable.

Advantages of Having a Baby Face

In addition to these reasons, women with baby faces themselves have reported several advantages. They often receive child discounts at leisure facilities, are treated kindly by men, are popular even among younger men, are fussed over by people around them, receive extra services at shops, and are often seen as younger than their actual age.

Tips to Achieve a Baby Face

For those who wish to achieve a baby face, beauty writer Keiko Patswald suggests the following makeup tips:

  1. Create large, droopy eyes: Draw a thick eyeliner on the upper part of the black eye, making the eyes look wider towards the outside of the face.
  2. Make the skin look soft and fluffy: Rather than focusing on gloss, aim for a vague texture that makes you feel the downy hair.
  3. Create a youthful look with heavy bangs: Covering the forehead and reducing the visible skin area can make the face look rounder and more youthful.


In conclusion, the charm of a baby face lies in its ability to make men feel comfortable and protective, and to give a positive impression. Whether you’re naturally blessed with a baby face or achieve it through makeup, it’s a trait that can certainly make you more attractive to Japanese men.