Why Do Japanese People Have Small Hips?

Why Do Japanese People Have Small Hips? Japan

Japanese people have difficulty developing buttock muscles

The hips are a very muscular part of the human body. Of all the creatures on earth, humans have more muscles in their hips as a percentage of their body weight than the muscular lion, the fleet-footed horse, or the muscular gorilla. Animals that crawl on all fours have no abdominal muscles, and their front thighs are well developed, but humans have developed their hips, especially the gluteus maximus muscle, during the course of evolution, enabling them to walk on two legs. Westerners, who are hunters, became conscious of their torso for power and developed muscles on the back side of their body as they became back-weighted, while Japanese, who are farmers, developed muscles on the front side of the body as they moved more in a stooped position. However, Japanese farmers tend to hunch over and develop muscles on the front side of their bodies.

Westerners have a strong torso and an anterior pelvic tilt; their back muscles tend to develop, and their buttocks have greater muscular strength. Japanese people have well-developed front-side muscles, their shoulders are forward and they tend to hunch over, and the buttocks muscles are weak.

Lack of muscle strength

The first common cause of small hips is a lack of muscle strength. The muscles of the hips are often not used on a daily basis and are often compressed by desk work, etc. Therefore, it is highly likely that the muscles of the hips are weakened and stiffened. Such a condition is likely to cause the hips to sag easily and make it difficult for the muscles to build up, resulting in small hips that are not well-defined. In particular, women who are only trying to lose weight often pursue only thinness or look only at weight numbers without considering the body’s fullness, which often results in not only small hips but also a poor style, so be careful.

Having inner thighs

Another possible cause of small hips is the fact that people often wear their inner thighs. In Japan, it is often considered cute to have an inward hip, and some Japanese women may consciously try to do so. However, the hip joints become distorted as a result of the inner thighs. As a result, the hips lose their three-dimensionality and become flat and poor-looking. Furthermore, distorted hip joints due to inner thighs can lead to poor blood circulation and sensitivity to cold, resulting in lower body weight gain and distorted legs, so those who are consciously doing this should stop right away.