Why is the Toyota Land Cruiser Popular?

Toyota Land Cruiser Car

The Land Cruiser series has been well praised for its remarkable driving performance and comfortability since its introduction in August 1951, and it has been utilized in 108 nations across the world. We focus on the Land Cruiser 200 series, which debuted in 2007, and bring you its charm and features in this edition. We’ll also go over the present buying price and the likelihood of future price increases. If you own or are contemplating buying a Land Cruiser 200 series, please read this article.

What is the Land Cruiser 200?

The Land Cruiser 200 is a high-end SUV introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2007. It has a safe and lightweight bodyshell made of ultra-high-tensile steel. The chassis is made of a ladder frame inherited from previous generations with reinforced side rails for robust rigidity.

The connection between the bodyshell and the ladder frame provides an advantage in terms of vibration isolation. The Land Cruiser, which is designed for off-roader specifications, has a mechanism for absorbing minor vibrations and enhancing maneuvering stability.

The suspension is a double wishbone type in the front and a rigid suspension with four control arms (upper and lower, left and right) plus lateral rods in the rear to achieve both driving performance and driving stability.

The V8 engine, which was a 4.7-liter engine when it was introduced in 2007, was replaced by a 4.6-liter engine tuned for more torque in 2009.

All grades are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a method called Sequential Shiftmatic, which allows manual-like shift operation. It ensures traction suitable for off-road driving even without suspension tuning.

Reasons for the high price

The Land Cruiser 300 has been launched, but it is believed that the Land Cruiser 200 is attracting attention because it takes almost four years to deliver a vehicle.

The average vehicle price in June 2021 was approximately 4.21 million yen, but as of May 2022, the price has soared to approximately 4.81 million yen, an increase of nearly 600,000 yen. The most expensive vehicle is approximately 8.99 million yen.

How long is the Land Cruiser 200 likely to increase in price?

Although it is impossible to say, it is likely that the Land Cruiser 200 will continue to rise moderately in price. The mid-term model that underwent a major minor change is still popular, and among them, the ZX grade is very popular, so the price will continue to rise.

The characteristics of the Land Cruiser 200 that tend to increase in price

When considering the sale of a Land Cruiser 200, it is important to confirm the value of the vehicle in advance.

The following is a detailed list of Land Cruiser 200s that tend to fetch high prices.

Consistent upkeep

The Land Cruiser 200, like other SUVs, is built for serious driving. It is advisable to have an electronic checkup done once a year at a dealer to prevent any problems.

In addition, do not forget to replace oil-related parts as they tend to be replaced in short periods of time. The secret to a long life is to replace it as specified in the periodic replacement parts.

Models from the mid-term onward have become more popular due to engine changes

Eight years after its launch, the car underwent its second major change, and the interior and exterior design as well as the electrical system were drastically changed. The headlights, front grille, and front fenders were given a wild and dignified front face.

The rear combination lights and license garnish have also been changed to a more integrated design.

About 70% of the interior has been redesigned. While the basic design has been retained, the hand and foot areas have been wrapped in leather, and the switches and center console have been unified in silver with a metallic feel.

Controls such as the air conditioner are centralized in the center, allowing the user to use them without hesitation. The distinctive gauges have also been significantly changed to improve visibility. The 4.2-inch multi-information display, which supports the driver, is linked to the navigation system and displays the eco-drive indicator, tire angle, and speed.

A significant change from the pre-crash safety system is the addition of Toyota Safety Sense as standard equipment on all models. The package includes a pre-crash safety system, radar cruise control with millimeter wave radar and monocular camera detection system, lane departure alert, and automatic high beams.

The multi-terrain monitor also includes a driving assist function that displays under-floor and front views and can visualize the vehicle’s blind spots. Other features include a tire pressure warning system that can also monitor the air pressure in all four wheels and the spare tire.

Top-tier ZX series

Based on the AX G Selection, the ZX is equipped with advanced systems. The 4-wheel active height control improves ride comfort, and the ride height adjustment function can raise the front 50 mm and the rear 60 mm in high mode. In high mode, the ride height adjustment function raises the front 50 mm and the rear 60 mm.

In low mode, the front can be lowered by 60 mm and the rear by 40 mm. (The standard minimum ground clearance is 225 mm.) The high mode improves driving performance while the low mode enhances the user’s ease of getting in and out of the vehicle, so it is recommended to use both modes depending on the application and scene.

Also note the adaptive variable suspension system with electronically controlled variable dampers.

The system can control damping force according to road driving conditions and can even control the powertrain and power steering.

The seats are made of genuine leather with a semi-aniline finish. Semi-aniline is a leather that has the luxurious feel of leather yet is highly durable against direct sunlight, water droplets, and clothing abrasion.