Why Japanese Men are Slow to Reply

Why Japanese Men are Slow to Reply Love

Slow replies to messages from Japanese men you are interested in …… ‘Am I saying something weird?” Many people think, “Maybe he doesn’t like me anymore. But it may not be your fault.

We’ll show you the indicators of a pulse based on the psychology of Japanese men who are slow to respond to messaging in this post. Please have a look at it.

Men who are slow to respond to messages have certain characteristics and psychology.

Let’s start with the features and psychology of men who take a long time to respond to messages. You may observe that a slow response does not always suggest a lack of pulse by looking here.

Too busy to reply

Have you been too busy to message? Everyone is slow to reply when they are busy studying or working. If you are busy that you don’t even have time to check your phone or messages, you naturally won’t have time to reply.

I’m wondering how to reply to you

The reply is slow, even though you don’t seem particularly busy. …… This is probably the most common reason in such cases. Sometimes they think too much about what they are going to reply to and end up putting it off, or sometimes they just forget to reply.

The reasons why people have trouble replying are different for everyone. It could be that they are trying to work out how to reply in a way that will make you like them, that they can’t put the words together properly, or that the content is simply too difficult to reply to. It can be very difficult to read their mind on this alone.

Deliberately delaying the reply and enjoying the tactic

It is also possible that they really want to reply immediately, but are holding back and enjoying the tactic. By deliberately taking his time, he is trying to get your attention.

If the conversation was going at a good pace and then suddenly the reply slows down, this is a strong tendency. If the other person stops replying, most people wonder, “What’s wrong?” You think about it. It may conceal his desire to “have more time to think about me.”

The interaction is becoming more and more tedious

This pattern is also quite common, as it may have been enjoyable at first but became tedious as it went on. In contrast to women who like long conversations and small talk, most men dislike meaningless conversations. Many also recognize that messages and phone calls are only the minimum necessary contact tools.

Hence, even if they initially reply at their partner’s pace, they may feel pain if the exchange continues at a sluggish pace.

It is difficult to distinguish between this and the case of “enjoying the game” mentioned above, but it is possible to judge by the content of the replies. If they reply to you with a good and substantial message, you can be sure that they don’t dislike you in the least, but if, on the other hand, they are curt or ignore you, then unfortunately you may not have a pulse.

Long periods of neglect make it hard to reply

For whatever reason, a longer period of neglect may cause hesitation, with the feeling that it is somewhat awkward to reply now. For those who are waiting, they want a reply even if it is late. However, the male side may be hoping that this conversation will just die out naturally for now.

This type of man is likely to reply to you as if nothing happened if you send him a message again. However, men who do not reply to you because they are busy or it is too much of a hassle may feel burdened if you send them a message again. This is a very difficult decision to make.

Not checking messages too often

This is entirely a matter of personality on the part of men. There are a certain number of people, both men and women, who do not have a bean-counting personality. In some cases, they may not operate the phone itself very often, or they may have switched off notifications and find it difficult to notice.

Even if you feel that you are slow to reply, it does not necessarily mean that the men feel the same way. It is also possible that this is the norm for those who are not so blasé.

Not good at messaging in the first place

Although it is a useful tool, some people are actually uncomfortable with messaging itself. Surprisingly, many people are not good at telephoning, but when they have to use the phone, they hesitate a little, don’t they? In the same way, people who are not good at messaging can’t be bothered to reply quickly.

Reasons for not being good at messaging include: it’s a hassle to think of sentences, they don’t know how to end a conversation, they don’t like exchanges where they can’t see the other person’s face, they feel rushed because of the read/unread function, and so on.

It’s okay to reply to messages late! Signs that Japanese men have a pulse

To find out if a man likes you, it is important not to miss the pulse signs. The following are some of the pulse signs that men show in message exchanges.

He will definitely reply to you, even if it’s late

Men want to carry on a conversation with someone they like or are interested in as much as possible. Even if they are too busy to reply, they will always respond in some way to a woman they like.

In other words, if you receive a proper reply every time, even if it is late, there is a high possibility that you have a pulse. It could be that he was thinking about how to reply to you to make you like him, and that’s why he was late.

They ask you questions

Signs that Japanese men have a pulse

As we have already mentioned, many men are not good at long conversations and small talk. But on the other hand, some men want to do their best to continue a conversation with someone they like and do not want it to be interrupted. If you end a sentence with a question, most people will respond in the form of an answer. Depending on the answer, you may be able to expand the conversation further.

It can also hide a desire to get to know the other person better. It is not possible to determine from this alone whether they see you as a romantic interest, but it is safe to assume that they at least like you.

They ask you out on dates

If a man asks you out on a date, it is a sign that he has a pulse. If he asks you out for lunch or a movie, take it as a chance for love to develop.

However, you need to be a little careful if he asks you out on the morning of the date, or if you have a prior engagement and he no longer asks you out after you decline. It is difficult to say, but in both cases, the implication is that you just happened to ask her out when you were free. Be careful not to become a woman of convenience.

She calls you by name in message exchanges

If you are communicating on a one-to-one basis, there is no need to go out of your way to call the other person by name. Daring to call your name in such a situation has a special meaning.

Also, some men call you by your first name in messages, even though they often call you “you” or “hey” in normal conversation. It is possible that they are too embarrassed to say it to your face. This can also be taken as a sign that he has a pulse.

He uses emojis

Messages, emails and other text-based communication tools tend to be blunt and difficult to convey feelings. This is where ’emojis’ are often used. Women often use them unconsciously in casual exchanges.

Men, on the other hand, often do not use emojis frequently. When these types of men actively use emojis, it can be taken as a sign that they have a pulse. You want to make as good an impression as possible on the person you like.

However, it is a mistake to judge a man as having no pulse just because he does not use emojis at all. Many people do not use emojis at all on a regular basis, so it may be normal for him to do so.