Why Japanese Men Don’t Put Love into Words

Why Japanese Men Don't Put Love into Words Love

Shyness and difficulty in expressing affection

Why do Japanese men not express their affection? Out of the many reasons, being shy and not knowing how to relay the message is a challenge to most Japanese men when expressing their affection. Men are not as good at verbally expressing themselves compared to women Even if they are full of love for someone, they cannot express it in words.

This is especially true for those who are shy by nature or who are shy or reticent. They are also unable to convey their feelings through their attitude. This leads to some partners specifically the woman to be frustrated because they do not show their affection in public or even when they are alone with their boyfriends.

Many Japanese men think that showing affection and pampering a woman is uncool or old-fashioned. Therefore, they would like to be more affectionate, they are unable to do so because of their pride, which is peculiar to Japanese men.

They think, “I’m sure he understands.

There are men who do not “tell” rather than “fail to tell. It is not that they have lost their love for their partner, but that they think that their partner understands them even if they don’t tell them. They think that since they are already lovers, they have a good relationship, and they understand that they like each other, there is no need to tell them.

If you are already lovers or a couple, you have already proposed or confessed to each other when you progress in your relationship. Therefore, they do not dare to express their love for each other after that, thinking that they have already told each other once and that is enough.
Since the relationship has continued to this point because they trust each other, they have no idea that they need to do something in addition to that.

They think they are doing it.

Even if the woman feels that the man does not express his affection, he may still be expressing his affection sufficiently. Men and women vary in expressing their affection and showing their love language. For instance, affection is only expressed on important occasions, such as marriage proposals. On the other hand, some men think that doing it all the time might make them feel less affectionate.

Even if you think you are expressing affection on a regular basis, there is a possibility that it is not reaching the woman at all. They think that actions such as “carrying a package,” “taking a child to and from school,” and “giving a gift” are affection, not kisses and hugs.

Woman wants to be assured of the affection of their respective partners. Their partners can show this affection through the kind of love language their partner has.  On the other hand, women tend to want you to express your affection at any time and communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. Because of this difference in perception between men and women, it is actually very common to feel that “they don’t express their affection”.