Why Japanese Women are Slow to Reply

Why Japanese Women are Slow to Reply Love

Many of you may have been in contact with Japanese women and felt that they were slow to reply. In this article, we will explain the reasons why they are slow to reply.

These are the possible reasons:

Busy with work or private life

There are many women who are busy with their “work” and reply to messages late. You can find this out by asking them what time they finish work.

If your work finishes at 6pm and you don’t reply to messages, then she may not be interested in you.

But if your work doesn’t finish until 9 or 10pm, it’s not surprising that he’s slow to reply to your messages.

In addition to work, some people have private lessons or a wide range of friendships and play with their friends even on weekdays.

If you receive a slow reply, it’s a good idea to ask. “Are you busy at work these days?” or “What do you do after work?

He’s not interested in you

If they don’t reply to your messages, it’s very likely that they’re not interested in you.

It’s not something you want to think about, but it’s the most likely reason. Of course, it’s possible to make them interested in you!

Difficulty in replying

If you send a message without thinking, women may find it difficult to reply! If you send a message without thinking about it, women may find it hard to reply! You may find that you can’t think of anything to say and it may be a few days before you know it.

If you can, try to make it easy for her to reply without having to think about it, for example, by adding a question mark or mentioning a topic that interests her.

Don’t make your messages too short or too long, as this will make it very difficult for the other person to reply.

If your messages are too long or too short, they will be very difficult for the other person to respond to, so try to match the length of your message with theirs.

You’ve made no progress and you’re bored

Sometimes men are reluctant to ask you out on a date.

After a few weeks of messaging, a woman may wonder, “Is he not interested in meeting me? After weeks of messaging, women start to wonder if he’s interested in meeting her or if there’s nothing more to talk about.

After a few weeks of messaging, she will start to wonder if you are interested in meeting her and if you have anything to say to her.

If possible, message her for a week or so, and when you’ve gotten to know each other, ask her out on a date. Once you meet, you’ll have more to talk about and the messages will continue.

You are in contact with more than one man

If you’re a woman who doesn’t have a boyfriend, there’s a good chance that you’re in contact with more than one man. If you’re messaging more than one guy, you’re going to be slow to respond.

This is especially true for popular women, who tend to keep in touch with a lot of men.

Reluctant to be in love

Some women are reluctant to be in a relationship, they are too shy to be active, or they don’t want a boyfriend in the first place.

If they are not interested in a relationship, they may be slow to reply to your messages or may not respond at all.

Something bad or painful has happened

If a woman has had a bad or difficult day, she will be slow to reply. For example, “I had a fight with a friend”, “I’m having trouble at work”, etc.

In these cases, time will solve the problem, so it is best not to prompt.

What to do if you don’t get a message back

Don’t prompt!

If you don’t get a reply from a woman, It’s not a good idea to prompt her.

It’s common for unattractive men to say things like, “Can’t you reply a little faster? I’m not sure what you’re doing. It’s not a good idea.

If you’re obsessed with one woman, you’re not going to have the luxury of time, and you’re not going to be attractive to women. If you do this, women will start to leave you.

I know a man who is impatient and every time he gets an introduction from a woman It doesn’t last long.

When I asked him about it, he said that he was always urging her when she didn’t return his messages. This kind of behavior is an absolute no-no, so please be careful.

Try to match the reply time of the other person

Try to match the reply time of the other person

As we mentioned earlier, it takes different people different amount of time to reply to messages. If you feel like you’re taking too long to reply to a message, wait as long as it takes the other person to reply before replying.

If you match the pace of the woman you are talking to, you may find that you are on the same wavelength and things will work out.

By the way, the reason why you get frustrated is because you think that the other woman is replying too slowly when you are replying too quickly.

If this is the case, you can solve the problem by replying later to the other person.

This will give the other woman more time to wait for your reply. This will give you the upper hand in the relationship and give the woman the chance to catch up.

Let the other person finish by replying

It’s a bit of a trick, but it’s a good idea to end your message with a reply from the other person.

Don’t say “goodnight”, “see you tomorrow” or anything that suggests goodbye, just end the message abruptly.

You might think, “Will he hate me? But if you do this, you can keep messaging her forever.

The next day, say “Good morning, I slept in last night!

“Good morning! “Good morning, I slept in yesterday! You can send a natural reply.

In addition, you will be in a position where the woman is “waiting” for your message, giving you the upper hand in the relationship.

Send a message about your partner’s favorite topic

If the woman you’re talking to has a hobby or a favorite pastime, you might be able to get a conversation going by talking about it.

If she is slow to reply or doesn’t reply at all, it could simply mean that she feels the conversation is boring.

You can improve this by including things that interest them in the conversation.

Try to arrange a meeting

If you don’t get any messages back, depending on the situation, it may be a good idea to arrange a meeting.

If the woman is bored with your correspondence due to lack of progress, meeting her may improve the relationship.

If you’re not going to get back to her anyway, it might be a good idea to arrange a last meeting.