Why you should make a confession

Why you should make a confession Love

Confessing is embarrassing. If you like someone, you might tell it directly to that person. Many people think so, but unless you say it, you will never get straight to the point of love, and you should consider the possibility that confessing will improve the situation. I will tell you why it is definitely better to confess.

If you like someone, it is natural to expect to be in a happy relationship.

Although you want to treasure your feelings, it is common to be hesitant about confessing your feelings, thinking about what would happen if the other person would know or if that person wouldn’t like you.

It is essential to be mindful that the purpose of confession is to deliver your feelings prior to accepting them from someone.

Here are some reasons why it is definitely better to confess your feelings.

There is no shame in letting people know you like them.

The most common reason for avoiding confession is that “it is embarrassing to let people know that you like them”.

Many people want to keep their feelings because they are afraid of rejection for their romantic feelings, especially when they know they have a one-sided love for this person.

The feeling of liking someone is never a shame.

It is a delightful feeling to accept and cherish someone and to want to appreciate them again because it is a miracle.

It is not a shame to let people know that you like them but think of it as “letting people know that you can love them”.

“Not saying it = not conveying it” is the reality.

Even if you don’t say it explicitly, some people may expect that you will develop a relationship with someone through the atmosphere or that they will tell you that they like you.

Thinking from the opposite perspective, how would you feel when you see “a partner who halfheartedly shows his/her fondness for you but does not try to express his/her feelings”?

A connection that remains to the other party will not only put pressure on them but will also make them doubt our seriousness.

Instead, you should feel trust in the way they say “I love you” to you upfront.

If you don’t say you love someone, they won’t know you love them, either.

Someone will feel deep affection when you have the courage to face this person.

The other person’s consciousness will change.

Unless you dislike someone very much, there is no one who is not happy to be told by a person “I love you”.

Even people who did not particularly care about you until you confessed your love to them will often change their minds and become aware of you as an object of romantic interest.

With these, you discover each other’s strengths and charms by learning about each other’s weaknesses. You can decide either or how to shorten the distance between you and that someone.

A confession of love is an opportunity for you to get to know each other.

Even if it does not develop into a relationship directly, the more time you spend getting to know each other through confession, the more the other person will be able to see what you want to do.

A “special feeling” has been created.

Because you know it is not easy to find someone who likes you, you will feel “special” towards the person who confesses feelings for you.

The fact that they are not just an acquaintance or friend or even if they have romantic feelings for you gives them confidence and encourages them.

If someone is sincere, that person will thank you for confessing your feelings and think about “the future”.

Conversely, if someone tramples on your courage, you would know that this person is not worth liking.

Let’s assume that the feeling of being special will lead to behavior that will bring us closer to each other and foster good feelings.

It makes it easier to take action.

When a person does not know someone you like, you need to be careful not to “expose” even a single LINE message. After you confess your feelings and tell someone how you feel, you can send words of encouragement after work or express concern about someone’s health without hesitation. You can show some words of affirmation like saying, “I like you, so it’s only natural. If you do it every day, it will become habitual.

Think of “opening up” in a good way as relaxing and fostering a sense of comfort because the other person will think that it is okay to accept it.

When it becomes easier to take some actions, you can express your love to the fullest at events such as Christmas and birthdays without some restrictions.

Such an appearance will boost “happiness” and “fun” in the other person.

I can think about “possibilities.

Both the person who confesses and the person who receives the confession think about the “future of the relationship.

Whether they will develop romantic feelings for each other and become lovers or whether they will grow apart because they cannot help liking each other is not known until the confession has been made.

The person who confesses tends to think that “the other person decides the future relationship”. But in reality, both parties have equal “initiative,” This could happen after the confession. The person learns of the other’s unpleasant side; their liking for each other wanes.

It is up to both parties to consider future possibilities. These things can only be done after a confession has been made.

You can stop having a “sterile one-sided love.”

For example, you may have a one-sided love that you cannot envision a happy future. Because the person you have a crush on has gotten special someone. Maybe, someone is not interested in you at all because of your different positions in life.

Many people avoid confessing their feelings when there is a high possibility that they will get rejected, saying, “I’m happy just to be in love with someone,” but is it really happy to spend time in a relationship having no future?

Of course, you should value favoritism, but you should also value yourself even more yourself.

Accepting yourself for having the courage to love others and considering new possibilities. It is also important in order not to waste time.

At times like this, confessing your feelings for the sake of making a decision or a break is also for your own good.

It may sound rough, but in love, you never know until you tell someone you love them, and it is quite possible that a confession will trigger a positive change in your relationship.

It is easy for the other person to say, “I love you”.

There is a saying, “You have to make the first move.” If you confess your love and say “I love you,” it will be easier for the other person to say “I love you” if that person feels the same way.

By letting them know your true feelings first, the other person will not hesitate to deliver their feelings.

It is a waste of time to get involved in a half-hearted way and miss the right moment to say something because you may not have the courage to say it.

Confession not only allows you to be honest about your true feelings, but it also encourages honesty towards someone.

Remember that the courage to say “I love you” gives courage to someone to say it to you as well. Love begets love!