8 Tips to Be Liked by Japanese Men in Chat

8 tips to be liked by Japanese men in chat Love

In this article, I would like to introduce Chat reply techniques to completely drop a guy by using those Chat reply techniques. If you’ve got the contact info but don’t know how to reply beyond that, this article is a must!

Here are 8 behind-the-scenes Chat reply techniques to help you take the initiative in your love life!

Change your reply according to the length of the sentence and the tension

When you start chatting with a guy you are interested in, observe how he replies to you. The use of pictograms and the length of sentences differ depending on the person you are chatting with, and some men do not like cutely decorated pictograms. Men in particular, unlike women, are not good at deciphering long sentences. Of course, some men are not so bad at reading long sentences.

You also need to be careful about the tension in your messages. If you receive a message from someone you don’t like saying, “I went here yesterday and this happened, and then…” and on and on, don’t you feel a bit cold because of the temperature difference?

When you are chatting with someone you like, you tend to get excited and write long messages, but you should keep the heat down… But please keep the heat in check… Please reply while reading the other person’s mood so that there is no temperature difference in your messages.

Match the other person’s reply speed

As mentioned above, it is important to match the tension in your messages. If only one person replies quickly, there will be a temperature difference. The reply of the man you like will be on your mind for a long time. And as soon as you get a reply, you are likely to reply immediately. But if you always reply so quickly, men feel rushed to reply. And there is a possibility that he will lick you and say, “This guy likes me.

Especially when you are just getting to know each other, it is more comfortable for a man to be in tune with his partner.

Insert a conversation that seems to be of interest each time.

This is a technique to keep chatting with a guy you are interested in for a long time. If your partner’s hobby is mountain climbing, you should try to make conversation and ask questions that will attract his interest, such as “Which Mountain was your favorite?The longer the chat continues, the easier it will be to speak honestly. The longer the chat continues, the easier it will become to talk honestly.

When you get used to it, add humorous replies.

Once you get to know each other and become accustomed to chatting with each other, you should aim for a casual banter to get closer to the other person.

For example, try rhythmically sending short messages with extremely quick replies and pompoms.

He: “I just got back from lunch, I’m sleepy.”

You “You shouldn’t sleep”.

He “Hit me”.

You “I can’t, and you’re too early to reply.

This short, quick reply gives the other person a sense of rhythmic comfort and amusement. It is like a comic dialogue.

The other way is to talk only with emoticons. This is when you reply to the other person’s message with just an emoticon, and then another message comes in response with an emoticon…and if you repeat this, the guy will be amused and reply with just an emoticon, too, making it interesting, as if the two of you are playing code together.

It is okay to tell a normal joke. The important thing in doing so is to identify the type of man and reply well with a joke that is within the range of being funny. Please do not joke too much so that he will not think you are rude, foolish, or a girl with no class, even if you are wrong.

Don’t reply when you are at work or doing your hobby!

If you are worried about the reply of the person you like, you will check your cell phone all the time, even when you are at work. But let’s be patient and separate that from the rest of the world.

It is very important in a relationship to divide your time between work, hobbies, and other activities. People who throw everything away and put love first will always reply to men quickly, giving them a sense of leeway. This gives men the impression that they are not playing games with you, but rather they are just sitting on their laurels.

In other words, you should not leave your cell phone in your hand at all times so that your partner will be eagerly waiting for your chat. When you have time, reply slowly. One of the key points of the tactic is to dare to leave a read receipt. Don’t you wonder why?

Don’t aggressively ask a guy out! Use content that encourages the guy to ask you out.

When chatting with a guy you are interested in is going well, you start to get excited and wonder if he will ask you out on a date. However, it is important to suppress your impatience and try not to directly ask him out. So, what should you do? Here are some tips on how to reply in a way that will get them to ask you out.

In your replies, casually include things you would like to do or places you would like to visit, such as “I would like to eat ____” or “I heard that ____ is a popular restaurant right now. Men want to do something for the women they like. To increase the sense of “having done something for her,” it is effective to not aggressively ask her out.

The most recommended reply is to say, “Please take me out for a drink at 00 next time if you like. Good night.” and then quickly cut the conversation short with a “Good night. By saying “Good night,” you can make him want to chase you.

If he is interested in you as a woman, he will almost certainly ask you to go out sometime. Once you’ve made the appointment, he’s all yours! Why don’t you give it a try when the time is right?

Deliberately delay replying.

Men are attracted to women who seem to be able to catch them but can’t. Try using this technique when a man’s feelings are starting to move toward you. By deliberately delaying and withdrawing your reply when you are about to be caught, men will be tempted to chase after you.

However, if you do not reply for too long, he will feel uncomfortable. Read the situation carefully and try to reply within a day if possible.

Express gratitude in an emotional way.

We have introduced various mocking techniques so far, but this is still the best for men! For example, “Did you like my gift? For example, if you are asked for your reaction to a message such as, “Did you like my gift? Express your gratitude in an emotional way, saying that you are happy “because of what you did” or “because I was with you,” even if it is a small thing.

This will give the man a sense of satisfaction and make him think, “I want to do more things for this girl! If you can make him feel that way, he will be completely captivated by you.