Can Foreigners Work in Japanese Hostess Bar?

Can Foreigners Work in Japanese Hostess Bar? Jobs

Many foreigners may be interested in working in Japanese hostess bars, which are unique to Japan.

In this article, we will explain whether foreigners can work in a Japanese hostess bar.

What is a Japanese hostess bar?

In a Japanese hostess bar, a woman sits next to the customers, makes and serves drinks, and engages in lively conversation. In addition, to attract regular customers, Japanese hostess bar staff may engage in sales activities via e-mail and social networking services outside of business hours and may go out to eat or shop with customers before or after work hours. Dress is often long or mini dresses and hair is often set up. In some cases, the store will pay for the dress, but most of the hostesses provide their own.

What is a Girl’s Bar?

A Girl’s Bar is a bar where women generally stand at a bar counter and serve drinks, etc. The difference between a Girl’s Bar and a Japanese hostess bar is that in a Japanese hostess bar, the hostess sits “next to the customer” and serves them.

The main job of women at a Girls’ Bar is to make and serve drinks and snacks, talk with customers, and play games – such as darts – with them. When the bar is empty, they may also call out for customers outside.

Some bars have uniforms, but most hostesses wear casual clothes that match the atmosphere of the bar.

Items of the Entertainment Business Law when employing foreigners in a Japanese hostess bar

In Japanese hostess bars, which require a license for adult entertainment business by the act of entertainment, the following items are required:

  • Special permanent resident
  • Spouse of a Japanese national
  • Permanent Resident 
  • Spouse of a Permanent Resident

Entertainment Business Law Items for Hiring Foreigners in Girl’s Bars

In the case of a Girl’s Bar, that is a restaurant offering alcoholic beverages late at night where there is no entertainment, the following items are required:

  • Special permanent resident
  • Spouse of a Japanese national
  • Permanent resident
  • Spouse of a permanent resident
  • Permission to work outside the status of residence

In addition to the items listed in the Entertainment Establishments Control Law, Japanese hostess bars allow you to work within the scope of the work permit if you have a work permit that does not require a qualification.

What is a work permit?

Permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence is a permit that allows a person with a status of residence, such as a “College Student” or “Family Resident” , who is not originally allowed to work under certain restrictions as an exception.

  There is a time limit on how long they can work, and the number of hours they can work is clearly indicated on their residence card or passport.

According to the standard based on internal data of the Immigration Bureau, “college students” and “family visitors” in Japan are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week as a general rule.


It is very difficult and complicated for foreigners to work in Japanese hostess bars, and they will not hire you unless you are fluent in the Japanese language. However, since working in a Girl’s Bar is legally no different from working part-time in a restaurant, foreign students who come to Japan can work there as usual. If you are looking for a job that is similar to a Japanese hostess bar, but have not met the requirements in order to be accepted as a hostess, working in a Girl’s Bar is a perfect, and easier, replacement.