5 Easy Part-time Jobs in Japan

5 Easy Part-time Jobs in Japan Jobs

I’ve had many part-time jobs in my life. Some part-time jobs are hard, and some are easy. In this article, I will share with you the top five easy part-time jobs based on my experience and the opinions of my friends. 

Gas station (gasoline stands)

I think the Gas station is the easiest part-time job I’ve ever had. There are both self-service and full-service gas stations in Japan. I had a part-time job at a self-service gas station. The night shift was especially easy. The night shift is just cleaning and pushing the refueling permit button!! It depends on the store, It’s an easy night shift because there are almost no customers at night. I fell asleep many times during the night shift. I also watched movies and played games during the night shift! There is a law that says if you work from 10 pm to 5 am, your salary will increase by 25%. On the day shift, you can’t watch movies or play games because there are other staff members present. However, there is one problem with the night shift. You need to be qualified to work the night shift. That qualification is called Otsuyon (Class B Hazardous Materials Officer License: Group 4). It is not difficult for Japanese people to obtain this certification. I studied for a month and got my certification. I think it is very difficult for non-native speakers to get certified. This test uses a lot of difficult Kanji.

If you are good at Kanji, please try to get a certification!

Facility guard

I’ve never done this job before. This is what I heard from a friend who actually does this work. He said, “If I do this job, I won’t be able to do any other job.” 

Facility guards are mainly divided into building guards, university guards, and commercial facility guards. Building guards monitor surveillance cameras, receive visitors, and patrol the building. Basically, this job is just looking at the monitor. 

University guards will patrol the campus, open and close gates, and guide students. In addition, university guards respond to complaints from nearby residents

Commercial facility guard patrol buildings, lock and unlock facilities, prevent shoplifting and theft, and monitor surveillance cameras.

These jobs are very easy. My friend works as a building guard. He is always playing with his smartphone at work. 

Sign holder

I’ve done this job a few times and it was very easy. I was sitting in a chair with a sign in my hand, reading a book. The weather was fine when I did my work, so it was easy. But from what I’ve heard from many people, this job doesn’t allow you to read books or play with your smartphone in some places. In addition, you can’t even sit in a chair and have to keep standing in some workplaces. If you hit a workplace like this, it may not be so easy. This work is basically done outside, so it’s hard when it rains. In Japan, it is better not to do this job in summer and winter. 

It makes me wonder why we don’t just put up a sign in the first place. I think it’s simply because it’s cheaper to let people have them than to put up signs.

Convenience store night shift

I’ve never worked the night shift at a convenience store, but I have worked during the day. Also, it is easy to get hired for this job, whether you are Japanese or non-Japanese. A friend of mine who works at a convenience store at night said that when he has nothing to do, he sleeps in the backyard. 

I heard that the night shift at a convenience store has more work to do than you might think. The main tasks are as follows.

  • Tidy up products
  • Disposal of expired products
  • Cleaning (floor, toilet, parking lot)
  • Cleaning of cooking utensils
  • Inspection and display of goods
  • Cash register

As you can see, there is a surprisingly large amount of work to be done. In this job, it’s important to know how to skipping work. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably good at skipping work.

Clinical research part-time jobs

I want to do this job someday. If I get laid off from my current job, I might take this job. Clinical research is a test to confirm the efficacy and safety of a new drug under development. Clinical research part-time jobs can be divided into two types: hospital visit type and hospitalize type. The hospital visit type is where you go to the hospital on a set day to have tests and consultations. Some require regular visits, while others can be completed in one day. The type of hospitalization depends on what you are trying to undertake, but it can range from one night to a long hospital stay of several weeks to a month. Those who need to be hospitalized for a long period of time are basically not allowed to leave the hospital during the clinical research, although they are paid a high amount of cooperation money. They are also subject to various restrictions in their lives. During the clinical research, you can do whatever you want in the room, except for strenuous exercise. 

If you are in good health and meet the application requirements, you might be able to get this job.