Cars with high resale value in Japan

Cars with high resale value in Japan Car

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is one of the most popular SUV types with high resale value and is one of the most valuable vehicles in the used car market in Japan. Production of the Land Cruiser has been reduced since the fall of 2020 due to the shortage of semiconductors. Therefore, it is treated as a rare and valuable car and is now often bought and sold at a price higher than the new car price.


Honda Civic is a car that can be used for multiple purposes, from daily use to long-distance driving. The “2009 Limited Edition Type R EURO Model” and “2010 Model” Civics are especially popular and can be sold at high prices. The resale value of a 3-year-old model is higher than the price of a new car, and even a 5-year-old model still has a resale value of over 90%.



Toyota’s Alphard is a popular used car on the used car market and tends to have a relatively low-price decline. At three years old, you may be able to sell your car for more than you paid for it.

People who want to buy an Alphard tend to want genuine equipment. Adding genuine options at the time of purchase can make a difference in the purchase price at the time of sale.

Jimmy Wagon

Jimmy Wagon

The Suzuki Jimny is classified as an SUV, a body type with high resale value.

It is the only light vehicle with unique off-road capabilities and is highly popular as a light crossover SUV. The resale value of this model exceeds the purchase price of a new car even if it is three years old. despite the model change in 2018, the resale value of the old model has not fallen and is in a high mama state.



Toyota’s Harrier is a popular model in the used car market and its supply tends to be a bit short, so its purchase price is relatively stable. Among them, the Harrier with a black body color is popular as an SUV with a luxurious feel. Although its resale value loses out from. 1 to No. 4, it can be said that its residual value ratio is high, as more than 60% of its value remains after 5 years of operation.

Characteristics of cars that are less likely to lose value in Japan

SUV type car

SUV is a popular body type car and its resale value is high because its popularity does not decline easily even after model changes.

Toyota’s Land Cruiser Prado is relatively popular and well-supported in the used car market.

In the case of the Land Cruiser Prado, even a five-year-old car can be purchased for more than 60% of the price of a new car.

In addition to SUVs, compact cars, hybrid cars, and sports cars are also body types that are relatively hard to break down in price.

Body color “white” or “black

Popular cars are generally defined as cars that are generally well-liked. For example, even if they are the same type of car, a car with a body color that is often seen in town, such as pearl white or black, will have a higher appraisal value. Conversely, cars with unusual or flashy body colors tend to be less popular, and therefore less likely to sell, resulting in lower prices.

Cars favored by fans

Cars that are popular not only among the masses but also among a certain segment of the population tend to be in steady demand and are less likely to fall in price.

Even in an era when SUVs and compact cars are at the height of their popularity, popular sports cars and coupes are popular among people who enjoy driving due to their high driving performance. They are even more difficult to break down in price when there are few new car buyers and they are in short supply in the used car market. Typical examples are Nissan’s Skyline GT-R and Subaru’s Impreza WRX.