How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Tips

Cockroaches exist in all but the coldest countries. Even in Japan, there are many opportunities to encounter cockroaches. I’m sure everyone feels that creepy feeling. In this article, I will explain how to deal with cockroaches when you encounter them. Incidentally, when a cockroach runs at full speed, it is said to be able to move 50 times its body length in one second. The speed is 2 meters per second, or around 7 kilometers per hour, which is 300 kilometers per hour if you replace it with the speed of a human being.

Effects of cockroaches

Effects of cockroaches

Health hazards

As for health hazards, the germs and bacteria brought in by cockroaches, as explained earlier, affect us in the form of diseases.

In addition to salmonella, which causes food poisoning, there are dysentery and typhoid bacteria, which contribute to a variety of diseases.

It has also been confirmed that cockroach feces and carcasses can be taken into the body when breathing, causing asthma and allergies.

Hygiene damage

The most common hygiene damage is caused by germs and bacteria brought in by cockroaches.

The most common routes for cockroaches to enter the house are windows and kitchen doors. However, the most common routes are drains and sinks. Drains and sinks are hotbeds of germs and bacteria because they are always clogged.

When cockroaches pass through these places and enter the house, they naturally bring in germs and bacteria, which are then transferred to the food we eat.

Economic damage

The economic damage is the one that may come as a surprise. Since cockroaches are omnivores, they also eat paper and other materials.

This may cause damage to valuable old books and works of art such as paintings. In addition, cockroaches prefer warm places, so they often lurk behind electrical appliances such as refrigerators. A large number of cockroaches on the backside of electrical appliances can affect the wiring, such as electrical outlets and cables, leading to the breakdown of the appliances.

Furthermore, in the case of restaurants, rumors of cockroach infestation can damage the reputation of the restaurant.

The bad reputation may cause the restaurant to lose its business.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Insecticidal spray

Insecticidal spray

The most effective method is insecticidal spraying. It can be used to kill cockroaches without direct contact, and is effective after only two seconds of spraying. It is the most reassuring ally you can have.

Those available on the market are generally made with ingredients that are safe for humans, dogs, and cats to inhale. However, it is best not to use them in homes with tropical fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, or other small creatures. There are also some precautions to be taken, such as not using it around fire since it contains flammable gas.

Recently, there are insecticidal sprays that use surfactants to mask their appearance with foam, and sprays that use cooling gas to freeze them so they cannot move.

Rubbing alcohol and soapy water

Rubbing alcohol and soapy water

If you don’t have any insecticidal sprays and you are too scared to go near them, rubbing alcohol and soapy water are also effective, although they are not as fast-acting.

Both of these methods work by blocking the cockroach’s airways. Cockroaches breathe through small holes in their stomachs called pneumata. If water is splashed on them, the oil in their bodies will repel it, protecting their airways. However, alcohol and soap have the property of dissolving and removing oil, so they can block the airway.

When using rubbing alcohol spray, choose a concentration of at least 60%. If you are using a disinfectant alcohol spray, choose one with a concentration of at least 60%; a lesser concentration or one that is close to 100% will not be effective as it volatilizes quickly. Be careful not to spray on waxed wood floors or plastic, as it may damage some items.

Liquid soap and dishwashing detergent are also effective. Unlike rubbing alcohol, which volatilizes naturally, you have to wipe it off, but it is a familiar item.



Cockroaches are masters at escaping. It is not uncommon to see them, but lose sight of them soon after. This is where adhesive traps come in handy. They are attracted by the smell and lured into the box to be captured. Even if they are stuck in the box, the fear of them will be softened considerably.

However, there is a trick to choosing the right place to place it. It is not always a good idea to place them where you see them. As mentioned above, place it in a dark, small, and warm place that cockroaches like.

Poisonous bait

Boric acid is mixed into dumplings with a smell that cockroaches like, and dehydrates them to get rid of them. The big advantage is that it is inexpensive, and if you can procure the materials, you can make your own even cheaper.

On the other hand, it takes a few days for the cockroaches to disappear, and in households with small children or pets, there is a possibility of accidental ingestion.



Smokescreens use smoke or mist to kill insects in a room. The preparation is a bit tedious, as you have to open closets and closets that may be hiding places, and cover appliances and fire alarms. Also, if you have bugs, fish, or other small animals, there are restrictions such as thorough ventilation or not using them, which will also kill beneficial insects such as spiders. Nevertheless, it is a method that can be quite effective if used immediately after moving or in early spring when cockroaches are more active.

Don’t kill cockroaches by crushing them

Don't kill cockroaches by crushing them

Cockroaches are sanitary pests that carry a variety of pathogens and parasites. If you crush them by hitting them, there is a risk of spreading pathogens to the surrounding area by scattering their bodies and bodily fluids. Cockroaches are most likely to harbor bacteria such as Salmonella, dysentery, E. coli and H. pylori.

Cockroaches are known as “germ carriers,” so try to avoid touching them directly.

Also, cockroach feces and carcasses can be allergens (substances that cause allergies). There is also a risk that eggs held by cockroaches may be scattered and larvae may hatch.

To reduce these risks, do not smash them by beating them.