How to Avoid Paying NHK

How to Avoid Paying NHK Money

There are probably many foreigners who signed a contract with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) when they first came to Japan. By law, you are obligated to sign a contract with NHK, but you are not obligated to pay. In this article, we will explain how to avoid paying the fee even though you have signed a contract with NHK.

Who is subject to NHK’s subscription fee?

Who is subject to NHK's subscription fee?
NHK contract form

All people who have a TV or an electronic device to watch TV programs are eligible to pay the NHK subscription fee.

Those who are eligible must sign a contract with NHK.

The number of people who are eligible for NHK’s subscription fee can expand further in the future.

It is currently under consideration to make it compulsory in order to pay NHK’s subscription fee even if you own a smartphone or PC.

If this is approved by the court, almost everyone in Japan will be subjected to NHK’s subscription fees.

Nowadays people can watch NHK’s programs on their smartphone, and this the reason behind the expansion of the number of people who are subjected to the subscription fee.

However, even though you are legally obligated to sign a contract with NHK, you are not obligated to pay.

How to avoid paying NHK

bank transfer
Bank transfer (継続振込)

If you have signed a contract with NHK using account transfer or credit card payment, please change it to a continuous bank transfer (継続振込). This is the method of payment where you could receive a bank transfer form to your home and you could also pay at a convenience store or bank.

If you change to this method and receive a bank transfer form, please ignore it.

If you sign a contract with NHK and do not pay, you may be sued in court. 

However, there are no penalties for non-payment under the Broadcasting Act, and it is not a crime. 

If you do not pay your NHK bill, a bill collector may visit you and demand payment. Please record the visit of the collector. Refuse to pay. If the collector still demands payment, you will be in violation of Article 72 of the Lawyers Act.

You may be able to claim damages for the tort. Furthermore, if you order the collector to leave and the collector does not leave, you are guilty of failure to leave. You can file a claim for damages for the tort. 

Where to consult

How to avoid paying NHK
NHK repellent stickers

If you have any questions about non-payment of NHK, please contact NHK party, where you can also get NHK repellent stickers.

Contact information

Phone number: 03-3696-0750 

Office hours: 9:00-23:00

NHK Party: Homepage

NHK Party Leader: Youtube Channel

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