How to Eat without Spending Money

How to Eat without Spending Money Tips

Food is an essential need for human life. However, not all can have food especially when you don’t have enough money to buy it.

Nonetheless, here are some ways to get food for free. These are just ways on how it is done in Japan.

Aiseki izakaya (women only)

Aiseki izakaya (women only)

Aiseki izakaya is a Japanese style pub. Most people go to izakaya to talk with neighbors and enjoy meeting people. In most cases, women can eat and drink all they want for free.

Most izakayas offer free food and drinks for women, and in most cases, they offer a discounted price plan for women in order to increase the number of female participants.

Therefore, there are many women who come just to have a free meal.

If you are a woman, this is the best place to go.



If you go to a product exhibition, department store, or on the food section of a supermarket wherein a new product will be launched for the first time in market and they want to attract customers, they will have a food tasting sales. 

However, since it is a free taste, you cannot eat a lot. But you can have more if you’ll go to a different store who have the free tasting. 

Just be careful not to eat too much or the staff will get mad at you.

Blood donation

Blood donation

Blood donations are held all over Japan. If you are in good health, donating blood is a good idea. By donating blood, they will give you something in return to regain your strength.

You can get things such as bread, juice, and sweets. So, if you want to replenish and at least clean your system inside your body, you can do blood donation. In exchange you can get free food.

You already contributed to the society, you also got a free meal.

Free Tasting Events

Free Tasting Events

 Free tasting events are held on a regular basis, especially in Tokyo Metropolitan area and other areas where there are a lot of people in it.

Go to these events and do some tasting. There are many tasting events where the amount of food tasted is much larger than that of a supermarket tasting, and you can fill your stomach to the brim.

However, the problem with free tasting events is that it costs money to go there.

Restaurants that offer free meals

Chaganju Cafe

Chaganju Cafe

This cafe is located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. 

The manager of the cafe wants visitors to leave with good memories of Uji, so they give sample for over 100 different products in the cafe space. This is done as a way to boost the Cafes’ popularity to customers and to have regular ones. 

Mirai Shokudo

Mirai Shokudo

If you have visited the store once and help the people in this store for 50 minutes, you can get one free meal. There is a process in order to do this.

How to apply:

For your first time, only in-store applications are accepted.

Please mention “Makanai Kibo Desu” at the time of checkout. You don’t need to have a specific date in mind. Once you have confirmed your intention, you can apply online. You don’t need to come to the store more than once. If your schedule is fixed, please choose a time slot that you are available to help.

From the second time onwards, you can apply via e-mail or Facebook.

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