5 Best Cheap Eats in Japan

5eats Japan

While browsing Japanese food sites for foreigners, I found a blog that introduced cheap eating out spots. The blog introduced cheap restaurants, but it did not introduce cheap menus. I couldn’t find any sites or blogs that featured cheap menus from cheap restaurants. I think some foreigners who come to Japan would like to eat cheap meals.

In this post, I’ll show you the 5 best cheap restaurants and menus. Ready? Let’s get started.

Raw Egg Over Rice with a Selectable dish (Matsuya)

Matsuya is a popular fast-food restaurant chain that serves gyudon (beef bowls) in Japan. At Matsuya, you can choose your menu from a ticket vending machine. It also orders can be placed in English.!Orders can also be placed in English. “Raw egg over rice with a selectable dish” will be available only from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM. It’s only 290 yen ($2.6)! I recommend the beef plate for selectable dish. In addition, a large serving of rice is free!

Hamburger & Chicken crisps & Sausage Muffin (McDonald’s)

Chicken crisps

I love McDonald’s. I often order “Hamburger“& “Chicken crisps”.  The cost of each is 110 yen ($1). The taste is also quite delicious. It is a good the portion size is very good, so I get full quite quickly. The taste of McDonald’sin Japan is different from other countries . so I think you will enjoy it much more. 


“Sausage Muffin” are available from 5:00 AM to 10:30 AM. This is also 110 yen ($1).  “Sausage Muffin” is my favorite food on the McDonald’s menu. 

I think “Hamburger“& “Chicken crisp” are not profitable, so the menu has small text and no pictures! If you see this menu for the first time, I think you probably can’t even find it.

Rokomokodon & Karaagedon (Gusto)


Gusto is a family restaurant chain. Some stores are open 24 hours a day. The dishes presented here are from the take-out menu. “Rokomokodon” is a bowl of rice, with a topping of hamburg steak, fried egg and hash browns. “Karaagedon” is a bowl of rice, with a topping of cabbage, fried chicken and seaweed. The cost of each is 390 yen ($3.5). It will be available only from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM. A few months ago, it was 320 yen, so the price has gone up. I was disappointed because I thought it was 320 yen ($2.9) until I wrote this article.

Kamaage Udon (Marugame Seimen)

Kamaage Udon

Marugame Seimen is the most famous Udon chain restaurant.  Udon is a Japanese traditional noodle with white color, made from wheat flour. “Kamaage Udon” comes with noodle soup. Please dip it into the soup when you eat it. The price is 290 yen ($2.6) for the regular size. “Kama-age Udon” is available for 140 yen ($1.2) on the first day of every month! Therefore, the first day of every month is crowded.


This is an advanced food.  You can get free green onion and tenkasu at “Marugame Seimen”. Tenkasu is deep fried flour from the left overs of cooked tempura. This food is called “Tenkasu Don”. “Tenkasu Don” is a bowl of rice, with a topping of green onion, tenkasu and source. It’s only 130 yen ($1.1)! It became a hot topic on Japanese social media.

Milano Doria & Peperoncino (Saizeriya)

Milano Doria

Saizeriya is a popular Italian restaurant in Japan. It’s very affordable and pretty relaxing place. “MilanoDoria” is a rice dish baked in a sauce with ingredients like cheese, vegetables and meat. Both “MilanoDoria” and “Peperoncino” are 300 yen ($2.75). I like “MilanoDoria”  the best of all the menus I’ve introduced so far.