Japanese Shareholder Benefits in August

Japanese Shareholder Benefits in August Money

With about 110 stocks, the number of shareholder benefit stocks in August 2021 will more than triple from July. August 27th will be the last trading day of the month, and August 30th will be the ex-dividend date.

United & Collective Co., Ltd (Stock code: 3557)

In the Tokyo metropolitan region, United & Collective operates a chain of roughly 90 restaurants, including “Teke Teke,” a chicken izakaya, and “the 3rd Burger,” a hamburger café. The company aims to create restaurants that are both delicious and reasonably priced.

If you kept 100 shares for less than a year, you may earn a 3,000 yen coupon once a year until 2020 (or a 10,000 yen coupon if you held for more than a year). ” However, after the holding period categorization is abolished in 2021, the sum will be “twice a year for 5,000 yen each.” While many restaurants have cut their perks due to the new coronavirus, United & Collective has increased its food and beverage benefits.

As of August 13, the share price of United & Collective is 1,206 yen, which means that the benefit is available for 120,600 yen. The benefit’s yield is 8.29%, which is extremely high.

Curves Holdings Co., Ltd (Stock code: 7085)

Around 2,000 “Caves” fitness clubs for women are operated by Caves Holdings across the United States. Curves is a women’s fitness club with over 2,000 locations nationwide. Curves has the advantage of not requiring reservations and providing an easy-to-follow 30-minute fitness routine. The firm was previously a subsidiary of Koshidaka Holdings, which conducts a karaoke business, but it was placed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section in March 2020 as Japan’s first “spin-off IPO,” in which the company became financially independent of its parent company.

Along with the QUO cards, a questionnaire was delivered to shareholders in 2020. In 2020, shareholders received a postcard together with QUO cards, and by responding to the postcard, they received 500 yen worth of QUO cards and a voucher for five trips to Curves.

This means that for the entire year, I will receive 1,000 yen in QUO cards, so I am hopeful that the survey will be done again this year. As of August 13, the share price of Caves Holdings  is 806 yen, which means that the benefit is available for 80,600 yen. The stock’s total yield is 1.08 percent, which includes the yield on benefits (0.62 percent) and dividend yield (0.46 percent).

For more information about QUO cards, please refer to the following.

Kojima Co., Ltd (Stock code: 7513)

Kojima store

Kojima is a prominent electronics retailer based in eastern Japan and is a subsidiary of Bic Camera. It has a total of 140 “Kojima” and “Kojima x Bic Camera” stores, each with multiple areas where customers may try out the latest household products.

If you own 100 shares by the end of August, you’ll get a 1,000 yen coupon that you may use at Kojima, Kojima x Bic Camera, Bic Camera’s parent company, and the e-commerce site Kojima Net. Long-term shareholders will be given preferential treatment beginning with the August 2021 issue, with shareholders holding 100 shares or more for more than one year but less than two years receiving an additional 1,000 yen coupon, and those holding for more than two years receiving an additional 2,000 yen coupon.

As of August 13, the share price of Kojima is 692 yen, which means that the benefit is available for 69,200 yen. The total yield is 2.89% , which includes the 1.45% yield on benefits and the dividend yield (1.44 %).

Fuji Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 8278)

fuji shopping store

Fuji manages over 100 shopping complexes and supermarkets across the Shikoku region, as well as Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures, from its headquarters in Ehime Prefecture. In terms of benefit substance, a 100-share holding can select one of three advantages twice a year, at the end of August and the end of February.

  • Shareholder discount coupons worth 2,000 yen (20 x 100 yen coupons)
  • 2,000 yen worth of “Fuji Net Shop” points
  • Private brand products (worth 2,000 yen)

There are also discount coupons that may be used in stores, however, Fuji Net Shop points are advised for individuals who do not have a store nearby. Fuji Net Shop, the company’s e-commerce site, sells a wide range of groceries, presents, and specialized items, so you can take advantage of the benefits no matter where you live.

As of August 13, the share price of Fuji is 1,977 yen, which means that the benefit is available for 197,700 yen. The total yield of the company is 3.02%, including the yield on benefits (2.02%) and the yield on dividends (1.00%).

Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd (Stock code: 9861)

Yoshinoya Holdings operates approximately 2,800 Yoshinoya restaurants in Japan and overseas. These include a beef bowl chain called Yoshinoya and Hanamaru, a self-service Sanuki udon restaurant. If you  hold  100  shares of the company twice a year, at the end of August and the end of February, you  can receive 3,000 yen worth of shareholder coupons (10 x 300 yen coupons). The coupons can be used at Yoshinoya, Hanamaru, and other restaurants throughout Japan, and these can be also used in combination with service coupons distributed at the restaurants.

The stock price of Yoshinoya Holdings was 2,061 yen as of August 13, 2011. Thus, 100 shares would cost 206,100 yen to receive the benefit yielding 2.91%.

Even if you don’t have a store nearby, the coupons and tickets, can be sold on flea market apps for cash.