Make Money Just by Staying in a Hotel

Make Money Just by Staying in a Hotel Money

Hotels in Japan offer plans that include QUO cards (gift certificates). You can make money by using this plan. However, only company employees can make money with this. 

In this article, I would like to touch on the dark side of the hotel industry in Japan.

What are QUO cards?

QUO card is one of the most popular Japanese gift certificates which can be used at over 60,000 stores and restaurants throughout the country.

The following images show stores that accept QUO cards.

It can be used at all major convenience stores in Japan, so there is no need to worry about where to use it. If you take your QUO cards to a ticket broker, they’ll buy them for 95% of the price. 

How to make money just by staying in a hotel

If you search for hotel plans with QUO cards, you will find many of them. The following are some examples.  

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For example, there is a 5,000 yen hotel plan and a 7,000 yen hotel plan that includes 2,000 yen QUO cards. These two plans are for the same room and the same plan. It’s the difference between getting a quo card and not getting a quo card. There are many hotel plans like this in Japan.

Let’s say you stay at this 7,000 yen plan on a business trip. You submit receipts to the company for 7,000 yen. You have obtained 2000 yen QUO cards. 

If you will sell this quo card at a ticket store, you will get 1900 yen in cash. So far, there are no court cases on this. Some companies will not allow it and you may be fired if get caught. It may eventually be regulated by law, but for now, it is not a problem and some people are implementing it.