Why Amazon has a points system only in Japan

Why Amazon has a points system only in Japan Money

Amazon, an American company, has a “point” system only in Japan, even though it does not issue “points” in its own country. While points accumulated when you shop at Amazon in Japan, they are not accumulated when you shop at Amazon in the US.

This is not because “Japanese people like points” but because the term “competitive disadvantage” is relevant here.

Amazon’s competitors in Japan, Rakutenchi Ischia and Yahoo Shopping, each use a point system. The reason why Amazon uses the point system only in Japan is because it does not lead to a significant result that differentiates us from others, but we would be at a disadvantage if we did not do it. It is not an advantage to do it, but it is a disadvantage not to do it.

What are Amazon’s points?

Each point is worth 1 yen.

Amazon points have a conversion rate of 1 yen per point. Once the purchase settles, the points are accrued in about two days.

You can use your points for almost all products sold by Amazon and Amazon Marketplace sellers, starting at 1 point. Points are also used to pay for shipping, COD, and gift wrapping.

Validity is one year

Amazon points expire one year from the date of your last purchase or the date you last earned the points, whichever is later.

Each time you make a payment for a product or service, it extends for one year. So, if you are a frequent user of Amazon services, you will not have to worry too much about the expiration date of your points.

Amazon points are also given for point payments

Amazon is also generous with point payments: you can earn Amazon’s points even if you use Amazon points to pay for products that can earn Amazon points.

Amazon’s user-oriented approach is also a worthy advantage, as many other services have a rule that says that the portion paid with points is not eligible for point redemption.