5 Best Japanese Live-Action Movies

5 Best Japanese Live-Action Movie Anime


This is the live-action version of Death Note, my favorite work. The ending differs from the manga and the live-action. But personally, I prefer the live action version better.

Death Note


Light Yagami, a genius who attends a prestigious university is expected to become the future police commissioner, accidentally obtains the Death Note, a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written on it. He uses it to kill criminals one after another and he cannot be judged by the law. His goal is to realize an ideal society without any crimes. His goal is to realize an ideal society without crime. Meanwhile, the ICPO begins investigating the mass deaths of criminals as murder cases. They send in to L, a mysterious detective who has solved cold cases all over the world, to investigate the cases. Now, the fierce battle between Light and L, two geniuses, begins!


The world of the original story has been faithfully recreated which is very good.



Shin and Hyou who are orphans of war and slaves hired by peasants in China during the Qin Dynasty in the 3rd century BC. They were war orphans and slaves hired by peasants. They dreamed of becoming great generals and practiced sword fighting in hiding every day.

After many years the Shoubunkun minister who service the King Sei of Qin walks by and sees the two boys do swordplay. He invites them to the royal capital. One night Hyou comes back covered in blood. Because he was called to the royal palace as a shadow warrior because he looked like Sei.

Sei’s younger brother Seikyou staged a coup d’etat and Hyou took Sei’s place and lost his life. When Shin learns of this fact he is outraged and holds a grudge against Sei but when he learns that Hyou voluntarily risked his life to protect Sei and his friends, he begins to pursue their dream of becoming the greatest general in the world even more strongly. With few allies how will Shin and Sei’s fates be as they head out to defeat he King of Kings in order to reclaim his palace?

Rurouni Kenshin

This movie is definitely for Samurai lovers as the action scenes are very cool.

Rurouni Kenshin


The main character is Himura Kenshin, a famous assassin in Kyoto at the end of the Edo period, who was once known as “Hitokiri Battosai” and was feared by important people in the Shogunate and samurai of the Sashaku Faction. The story begins ten years later, in the 11th year of the Meiji Era. Unlike the previous Kenshin, who had taken a “vow of non-killing” and considered the taking of human life to be evil, Kenshin spent his days peacefully traveling around Japan as a wanderer protecting the weak. When Kamiya Kaoru meets Kenshin in a time of crisis, the story begins.


This work is interesting because it has separate scenes for comedy and serials.



At the end of the Edo period, “Amanto” attacked from  the outer space and opened Japan to the world. With the rise of the Amanto and the abolition of the sword, the samurai were on the decline. Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric man who still maintains his samurai spirit, meets Shinpachi, the son of a defunct swordsmanship dojo, and Kagura, a Yatozoku girl. One after another, incidents occur around the Manjiya they run.

Thermae Romae

This is an interesting story about ancient Romans referring to the bath culture of modern Japan.

Termae Romae movie


Lucius, a bathhouse design engineer in ancient Rome who loves baths, suddenly slips back in time from a public bathhouse to a modern Japanese public one. There, he meets Naomi, an aspiring manga artist, and other Japanese people, who are big aficionados of the Japanese bath culture and technology, and bring their ideas back to ancient Rome. Lucius is surprised by the Japanese bath culture and technology. The idea quickly becomes very popular among the Romans, and Lucius becomes famous, but he slips back in time to Japan again, and gradually gets into trouble.