Why are baby faces so popular in Japan?

Why are baby faces so popular in Japan? Japan

Many Japanese women yearn for a childlike face that makes them look younger than their age.
People with childlike faces often look the same in their 30s and 40s as they did when they were young, and are often mistaken for their ages by those around them.

Although some Japanese women find a childlike face distasteful, it is easily drawing support from their countryman because of its unique characteristic such as having  round, large, black eyes like that of a baby.

Round eyes and large black eyes are associated with the cuteness of a baby or a small animal, making them look young.
On the other hand, slanted eyes give a cool, mature impression.

People with childlike faces have particularly striking eyes among the facial parts.

Another characteristic of people with childlike faces is that their eyes, nose, and mouth are close together. This gives a perfect angle of beauty and makes women look pretty much younger than usual

Babies also have facial parts that are close together, and as they grow older, the parts become further apart.

This same characteristic also reminds people of cute animals such as babies and cats, which is why people with such faces are seen as young.

People with childlike faces often have round facial contours.
A round face is fluffy and gentle, giving the impression of softness and childhood.

They also have small chins and a narrow distance from the lips to the tip of the chin.

Some reasons for the popularity of baby faces

Gentle atmosphere

People with baby faces have a gentle atmosphere, making them feel safe and approachable.
Even when meeting someone for the first time, it is easy to talk to them and shorten the distance between you.

Cute and protective

People with baby faces often have an image of being young and cute, and it is easy to develop feelings of wanting to protect and cherish them, as one might do with a small animal or baby.
Japanese men in particular have the spirit of wanting to protect women, so if a woman with a baby face is by their side, they will be attracted to her.

Young looking

Women with baby faces look young even as they age. In Japan, women with baby faces are popular because they look young, and even when they are in their 40s, they still look like they are in their 20s, which makes them very popular among Japanese men who like young women.