How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Japan

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Japan Japan

The odds of winning the first prize of a lottery are infinitesimally low, and some say it is
more difficult than getting into a plane crash. If you are going to buy a lottery ticket, you
want to increase your chances of winning as much as possible. So, what are the rules for
people who win the lottery?

The Basic Methods of Buying Lottery Tickets

There are four ways to buy lottery tickets: in stores, online and at ATMs. Each of these
methods offers different types of tickets.
The most common types of lottery tickets available in stores are jumbo lotteries, numberchoice lotteries (lotto, etc.), scratch-offs and others. Other types of lotteries can be purchased online, such as jumbo lotteries and number-choice lotteries (lotteries, etc.). Only
number-choice lotteries (lotteries, etc.) can be purchased at ATMs and convenience stores.
In addition, there are three ways to purchase Jumbo lottery tickets: sequential numbers, single numbers, and a specific number of tickets. The differences are explained below.

Sequential number

Sequential numbering means that you purchase lottery tickets with consecutive numbers.
Since they are sold in sets of 10, you are guaranteed to win 300 yen.

Discrete tickets

This is also sold in sets of 10, so you are guaranteed to win at least 300 yen. In the case of
the rose, the last digit is a consecutive number, and the rest of the numbers are enclosed randomly.

The number of pieces specified

In the case of sequential numbers and roses, you can only purchase tickets in multiples of

However, lottery tickets can be purchased from a single ticket, allowing you a specified
number of tickets.

Odds of Winning a Lottery Ticket

Generally speaking, the lottery widely thought of as a lottery would be the Jumbo Lottery,
which is held five times a year. These include the Valentine Jumbo (around February),
Dream Jumbo (around April), Summer Jumbo (around July), Halloween Jumbo (around October), and Year-End Jumbo (around December).
These lotteries have 100,000-199,999 combinations of 100,000 numbers, and there are further pairs of each. In a school, there are 100,000 students in a class with attendance numbers from 100,000 to 199,999 and up to 100 pairs. 100 million combinations times 100 pairs equals 10 million tickets as a unit, and one of these tickets will be the first prize. In other
words, the probability of winning the first prize is 1 in 10 million, or to use a familiar analogy, 200 kg of polished rice is said to contain 10 million grains. Only one of these grains is
the winner.

Only the Year-End Jumbo is special in that there are up to 200 units, and since there are 20
million units, the probability of winning the first prize is 1 in 20 million.

Gift Taxes on Gifts of Lottery Winnings

Lottery winnings are not subject to income and inhabitant taxes. If you win 700 million yen,
you will receive 700 million yen as it is.
Note, however, that the gift is subjected to tax. Gifts between siblings, married couples, and
even gifts from parents to children are taxable as general gifts. The tax rate increases in proportion to the amount of the gift, and gifts exceeding 30 million yen are taxed at 55%. Gifts of up to 1.1 million yen per year are exempt from taxation, so it is necessary to use the tax exemption to make planned gifts.

Methods for buying lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning

I always go to a lottery ticket booth that says, “This booth just won the first prize! However,
if a lottery ticket is sold in one unit, there is always a chance that one ticket will win the first
prize. Whether or not you get the first prize depends on your luck. Some people advise that
you should buy from a smiling sales person, but this is just wishful thinking.
The decision of whether to buy in a series or in bulk is also a matter of personal preference.
If you want to win the first prize and the front and back prizes, you need to buy in a series,
but if you want to win just the front and back prizes, buying in a bulk is more advantageous.
Since there are two tickets per unit for the first and the second prize, the odds of winning the
first prize are doubled compared to the second one.
Needless to say, the more you buy, the better your chances of winning. However, even if
you buy 10,000 units, the probability of winning the first prize is 1 in 1,000, which is 0.1%.
There is no guarantee that you will get your money back.
If you want to increase your chances of winning even if the winning amount is low, you can
aim for the “Jumbo Lottery Mini” or “Jumbo Lottery Petite,” which are sold together with
the Jumbo Lottery.

Tendency of high lottery winners

People who win the lottery say that they “had a hunch” or “dreamed of winning the lottery,”
but this is not very reliable, since people who fail to win the lottery may also have had a
hunch or a dream about it.
The official lottery website has published the results of a survey of people who have received winnings of 10 million yen or more. According to the results, 65% of the respondents
were male and 35% were female. Blood types were A, O, B, and AB, in that order, which
also appears to be simply the order of the blood type. The top age group was in the 60s. The
initials of the winners are T.K. for the first place for males and M.K. for females.