Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Games in Japan

Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Games in Japan Japan

This article introduces popular mobile game apps that have been around for a relatively long time. However, still ranks among the top-selling mobile game apps. 

Monster Strike 

Monster Strike

Monster Strike is a hunting RPG (Role-playing video game) that can be played by up to 4 players, forming a deck of 4 characters, then clear the quest by reducing the HP of the bosses waiting for them or lose if their party’s HP drops to zero. The player pulls the four assembled characters inside out and attacks the enemy or allies to activate the “Friendship Combo”.

Monster Strike battle

This is the technique each character has to damage enemies. The game is easy to play. Anyone can play with simple controls, so you may be thinking, “I’m just going to play! However, just like a billiard shot where the ball is reflected off a cushion to hit a target, there are quests where even a slight misdirection can be fatal or quests that require extremely difficult playing techniques. 

Puzzle & Dragons 

Puzzle & Dragons

“Puzzle & Dragons” is a new genre of game that combines puzzle and RPG elements, with a story in which players build decks of monsters to conquer dungeons. 

The story is about building a deck of monsters in the game and conquering dungeons. Using a deck of up to six monsters and combining the puzzles well, you can defeat the monsters that appear and clear the dungeons to get rewards.

Puzzle & Dragons battle

A certain percentage of opposing monsters can also be dropped and obtained, and rare monsters can only be obtained through a system called “Gacha”. While the game can be enjoyed as a puzzle game, it can also be enjoyed as a monster collecting game, which has attracted many people to play the game. 

FGO (Fate/Grand Order) 

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is an RPG game that features all the characters from the Fate series, starting with the original Fate/stay night. A common feature of the Fate series is to summon eastern and western spirits through a ship of wishes called the Holy Grail and assign them seven classes to participate in the battle as servants.

FGO battle

FGO uses a card-based turn-based battle system. You can only attack three times per turn, choose three out of the five cards dealt, and tell who will make which attack. There is no speed parameter and the team always attacks in front of the enemy. 

If you like the fate series, you will surely love this game.  

Knives Out 

Knives Out

Knives Out is a NetEase Games app game released worldwide for smartphones in November 2017. It’s a controversial game with similar gameplay to the PC game PUBG I mentioned earlier, yet, it’s becoming even more popular now, with more than 100 million people installing it in just one month after its launch than PUBG in Japan! 

This game has a battle royale system. This game introduces the Battle Royale system, which is based on the movie “Battle Royale” and takes place on an isolated island where players fight to survive and defeat their enemies until they are the last one standing. 

Knives Out battle

This game introduces the Battle Royale system, which is based on the movie “Battle Royale” And it takes place on an isolated island where players fight to defeat their enemies until they survive and stand to the end. The weapons given to them ranged from useless frying pans to guns, with extreme differences in strength. 

The Battle Royale system is considered to be very interesting in the world, and even in wilderness games, if you have no luck with a drop, you can fight with a gun with your fist or fight a hard enemy without a bulletproof vest. If you are lucky, the biggest attraction is that you can eat big fish of advanced level even if you are weak. 

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 

Dokkan Battle

“Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle” is a powerful battle RPG that blasts powerful enemies into the screen of your smartphone.  

Starting with the “Dragon Ball” series familiar from Weekly Shonen Jump, characters from the “Z,” “Super,” “GT,” and “Movie” series all appear in the game. The powerful battle scenes that unfold between Son Goku and his friends will give you goosebumps.  

The special moves performed by each character are based on familiar scenes from the anime and manga, as well as original illustrations from the game, and the excitement never stops.  

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Please experience the special moves performed by your favorite characters with your own eyes. The story includes the game’s original story, which intersects various periods, as well as events that recreate the original story of the entire “Dragon Ball” series.  

In the original game story, maniacal characters such as Dr. Willow appear, so you will be excited to see who will appear next.  

For those who love Dragon Ball, this game is a must-have.